My Summer Wish list with SPRING

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ahh, summer. The best season in my opinion. Nothing beats heading to the beach with your family, grilling together, and long walks outside. Another part of summer I love is the fashion. There are times where I want to dress up all girly and wear dresses and heels all day, but lets be a stay-at-home-mom, it isn't practical! But one way to spruce up my outfits is by adding fun accessories. Accessories can spruce up any outfit! Remember my post here about it? 

Well, a great way to browse fashions latest trends in one place (literally, I am sitting down on my couch!), is a website like Spring. There will always be something you will love! Their new accessories shop features items from more than 800 brands! And free shipping and free returns? I'm down. 
Here is what I loved while browsing their site.

I'm a simple gal who loves a good earring set. These fit the mold. Classy with a touch of color. 

I am very into hats lately! I bought my first ball cap and an adorable fedora. I feel like hats help hide bad hair days! 

I love the idea of adding a scarf to your bag (or a diaper bag in my case! Ha!)
I have a collection of scarves and these two are so beautiful and bright. Perfect for summer and the tassles are so cute!

CADEY Magnolia Stripe

 I want these sandals so bad and need to add them to my collection ASAP. Better than a ruddy old pair of flip flops!

Miller Leather Logo Thong Sandals

And these watches are beautiful. Elegant and can help me know what time it is when I am on the go. 

Make sure you check out Spring and let me know what you think! 

The Graduate

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Its officially official. Our sweet, wild son, Jack-aroni a Pre K graduate. Move over, world. We got ourselves a big kid now.

That morning, Jack was walking around the house with his chest puffed up like he just won a mac and cheese eating contest. He wanted to shower, spike his hair, and HAD to wear his purple tie. Jon said he looked like he was in Green Day.
 My girlfriend Sarah met us at our house and off we went! Before the graduation started, Marin was dancing on the stage and LOVING it. Our shy girl was "all about that stage, bout that stage, no stage fright!"

Once the graduation began (which was 40 minutes long and all of the kids were ANGELS), I cried. I cried like I just chopped 35 onions in a row. With a dull knife. My sweet boy...yes it is just pre k, but still. Its a graduation. A next phase of life. The start of elementary school. Its unreal. I feel like I was in elementary yesterday. And that he was born an hour ago. We watched him singing with such confidence and I recorded every song. Oh my love for this boy. 

 Here is Jack with our dear Auntie! We love her! Sweetest Auntie in the whole wide world.
 Jacks lovely, dedicated teacher, Mrs. Schmidt. We already miss her.
 Marin, Noni and Jack! Noni is the best. Our biggest cheerleader and a major support for all of us. We are blessed to have her!
 Like Mother like son..
And yes, he is a miniature, male version of me. 

Congratulations, Jack. We are so proud of the little boy you are becoming and love you beyond measure. You make us laugh until we cry, impress us everyday with how smart you are and you make us feel so loved, important and adored. Just like you are. You are the best thing to ever happen to us all.

Quick and Easy Storage for Large Cleaning Supplies

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hi. Welcome to our home. Can I take your jacket and hang it in this closet? No? I understand! 

This is our beautiful coat closet. Aka where I shove the cleaning stuff. Not very pretty, huh? Or functional. It was driving me CRAZY. So I walked around the house and figured out what would make sense and where to store it all BUT out of sight. 

I thought about storing them down in the basement. I opened the door and saw our giant bare wall and the light bulb in my tired brain went off! Bada bing bada broom.  So Jon went to Walmart and grabbed this wall mount by OXO called GOOD GRIP
And And it was so easy to install. Jon and Jack did it in a few minutes.
All you do is turn the knob up, place the broom or mop or misbehaving child (just kidding dont call the popo) right in and release!
Easy as pie. 
 They also have a few hooks which I used to hold our Swiffer Wet Jet.
Funny story...Marin is obsessed with brooms, vacuums and any cleaning product known to man. So she points at the door and YELLS for us to open it so she can say hi to her beloved cleaning supples...weirdo. A cute weirdo though. So all-in-all, this project took 15 minutes, cost $25.00 and saved a lot of frustration. What I love the most is that they are out of sight but close enough to grab when I sweep the floor 3,459 times a day.


Monday, June 13, 2016

Marin turned ONE back in April. One. Uno. One less than two. I may have cried while singing happy birthday to her. We celebrated a week before her actual first birthday since Jon would be traveling and it was a blast. A blast with delicious food that I didn't eat until after the party #momproblems. Our family and friends came and showered our sweet Mare bear with gifts, loves and zero contact. Marin was SOOOOOO SHY. She is completely different from Jack. It is slightly adorable.

I made cupcakes and FAILED...LORDDDDD DID I making the cake. It wasn't a cake. It was crumble layers. It was HILARIOUS. But it tasted good. Ah, my lovely crumble cake. It was all over the floor like peanuts at the Texas Roadhouse. 

Jack frosted and decorated the cupcakes. Little sweetie. And never buy the cupcake stands from party city. They are horrible. It was comical. 

But I love the cupcake liners and decorative stars from Meri Meri. I ADORE their cupcake kits!
 Marin and Noni! So sweet
 Marin saw Suz and dove into her arms. Look at her! Juggling two babies and a diaper bag. Seasoned Mom status right there. Just call her Mrs. Dash. Love her.

 A PICTURE OF ME? And of course I look silly.
 I love these two. I love them so dang much.

 The picture below is the only one of us with her cupcake. It reminds me of this stage of life. Mostly a blur and relatively chaotic. But a chaotic blur filled with wonderful memories and so much love.
 Mr. Blue Eyes enjoying his masterpiece!

Dear Marin,
Daddy, Mommy, and big brother Jack love you so much. You have completed our home and brought so much joy and love into our lives. You are our Mare bear, the merriest bear in the whole wide world. We love the way you growl and make troll noises, the way you smile and run away when I come near you with a diaper and we especially love your cuddles and the love that you show us. We would be lost without you, my sweetie. 
Daddy, Mommy and Jack. 

PS - I had to have a little tutu for Marin on her birthday. I LOVED this dress from Grace & Lucille and it was perfect. It arrived so quickly and in a purdy little package too! It was secured in a headband that she refuses to wear :-)

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