30 days to Abs

Monday, January 28, 2013

"Oh ohhhhh!"

Obviously referring to the song "30 Days to Us" by The Saturdays. Boy oh BOY do I love them. I had the "Frankie" hair for a while too but am growing it out since I became bored with it. And yes, I know I listen to terrible pop music. But I.just.can't.help.it. Lets just say One Direction is my J-A-M.

Moving on now.

My fitness goal for the year is actually going really well. I am pretty proud of myself for eating healthy and working out a solid few days a week. On days where I can't make it to the gym, I still lift weights and try and do some cardio at home on our treadmill. There have been days where I have failed completely and chowed down on pizza, but instead of mope and eat more, I pick myself up and try again.

The other day, I was on Pinterest (surprised?) and saw this "30 Day Ab Challenge" and felt like checking it out. It has a ton of great exercises that you do on the floor, with no equipment and it should only take 15 minutes. Everybody has a spare 15 minutes in their day and can totally do this!

So, starting tomorrow, I am going to partake on this ab-tastic adventure and document my Before and After photos on the blog once the 30 days are up. This will definitely help keep me motivated!

Anyone else want to join me? Come on fellow Mommies out there! Bikini season is just around the corner! Well, not here in Massachusetts...I would say it is around the neighborhood, down the highway and a left turn on "Hurry the Hell Up."

xoxo Melissa

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