Jack's 2nd Birthday

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello everyone! Sorry for the couple of weeks with no post. Things have been busy here with work, Jon being gone recording in New York and overall life. I promise to step my game up!

This past December, our son Jack turned the big T-W-O!

2 whoppin years of diaper changes, tantrums, cuddles, wet drool kisses, laughs and amazingness. Yes, that is a word.

One of Jack's greatest loves is Elmo. Now I don't know a toddler from here to Timbuktu that doesn't like Elmo. Hell, I love Elmo! But he also really enjoys watching Big Bird (Bird), Ernie (Eeniee) and Zoey (Shzoee!) so I thought about doing a Sesame Street Birthday party!

Here's my thought on birthdays. Birthdays should be enjoyed between close family members and friends. CLOSE. Not the neighbor down the street I bumped into once. Not the friend you see every 2 years. CLOSE family and friends. So parties tend to stress me out a bit. Who should I invite? Who will get offended? Do I set up a gift registry? What's my name?  I am Ron Burgandy?

My mom calmed me down (like she always does) and said to invite the people who love Jack. Who is in Jack's life the most? Who does he constantly ask for? That made it so simple. We are so very blessed with Aunties, Uncles, cousins and friends that adore him. Adore! So that took the stress of the invitiations, RSVP's, food, drinks, etc off my shoulders. I was going to do a simple birthday party.

It was held on a Sunday and I had been decorating since that Thursday. I tend to do things last minute, then get really stressed and moody, so I thought it was time to break a habit of a lifetime. This really helped so I could prepare food and final decorations the day of.

Color scheme: green, blue, yellow, red and orange.

Food: Pizza (Elmo's favorite - ordered from Pizza Hut aka Heaven), veggies and dip, fruit bowl, and crackers and cheese. ($65)

Dessert: Cake Pops (Elmo and Cookie Monster that I had made by a bakery that was terrible to deal with so I will not reccomend them), ice cream and cake that Janie thankfully bought after I BUTCHERED a cake recipe. Lets just say that cake should not be the same consistancy as foam ;-) I'm sticking to cake from a box from now on (hello Funfetti!) ($25)

Drinks: Diet coke with lime, Coke, blue kool-aid (Dorothy's fish bowl with orange slices to look like Goldfish) and water ($10)

Decorations: The only decorations I bought were balloons, streamers and straws. The rest were Jack's toys! I used some of his blocks, Elmo stuffed animals, a "J" and "2" from some play mats and little stackable rings. ($30)

Another thing I had purchased was a long rectangular table cloth (I meant to purchase the circular table cloth but had a brain fart while ordering) so instead of throwing it away, I cut out the part where the characters from Sesame Street were on the cloth and used it as banners!

I printed out pictures of Jack from month 12 to month 24 so everyone could see how much he has grown as well. ($3)

In the entry way there is a chalk wall. So I thought it would be clever to put "Brought to you by the letter J and the number 2" so people see it as they walk in.

(So hard to take a picture of it straight on since it is a small space...you get the idea!)

It was super easy and I felt no stress.

I only spent $130 give or take a few. It was worth every penny.

It was the perfect day and Jack loved every minute of it!

(And Jon loved every cake pop)

The night before, my Auntie Lorrie was generous enough to host a small get together at her house since they were not able to make the party. We had bomb Shepard's Pie that I still drool just thinking about it! It laid back and fun, just what I needed the night before the party!

Posing like Santa!

Jack is such a lucky boy and we are all so lucky to have him! We love you buddy!

Do you have any suggestions? What did you do for your little one's birthday? Get stressed out like I do? Feel free to share!

I will be back later with the details on Jon's 30th (also held that month HOLY STRESS) Let's just say it was a roaring time ;-)

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