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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello everybody!

So, as I was about to shoot my first "vlog" this Sunday, my voice went. And Jack has been sick like a dog...that's sick...so it was just a no-go. Soon I will! I think the idea of "vlogging" is fun, so I will definitely make it happen. Once I figure out how to work iMovie that is...tricky bugger.

On ward!

I received some email and messages from you guys asking me some more questions about me, myself, and I. Here goes!

1) How did you and your husband meet? - Linda
Interesting story...So, I was mutual friends with one of Jon's band members and he invited me to one of their shows in Boston. I went with my friend Kristina and when I saw him performing on stage, I got this feeling like he was going to somehow be in my life. Either friend, lover, enemy, servant, I just had this feeling. Then he came over to us and acted A FOOL. I was not impressed. Then we went over to their house one night and we hit it off. We even slow danced in a hallway to no music. It was magical. Then we had the worst first date in existence. I challenge you to rival it. And now, we are married! Haha, funny isn't it?

Back in 2008. It was 2am, hence the craycray hair

2) How was pregnancy for you? - Linda
Pregnancy was a breeze for me since I found out at 25 weeks. Yup, you heard it! I like to say I was only pregnant for 4 months :-) I never had any signs and didn't pop until like the day after I found out.
I truly love being pregnant. It was such a joy feeling Jack move around and grow inside my belly. I adored it!

A weeks after I found out!

35 weeks

3) Favorite movie? Music? - Amy
This is hard to answer. I love movies. I have always been a big movie buff and used to write my own reviews on an Microsoft Word document then delete it. I just love the excitement and the thrill of going to an opening night of a new movie you have been dying to see. Grabbing a large popcorn, medium slushy and just hoping you don't need to take a bathroom break! I would have to say, my favorites would be anything Peter Jackson (LOTR, The Hobbit, King Kong), The Artist, and Green Street Hooligans. Like I said, hard to answer.

Music I like a lot of Rock but can also listen to classical or movie soundtracks. I definitely don't have a favorite! Some things I enjoy listening to would be Kings of Leon, Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban, The Saturdays (pop band). See, all over the place. Oh, wait...I do love One Direction. YEAH I SAID IT.

4) Three random things about you - Sarah
I can only eat long pickles and can only eat them with a chicken salad sandwich/ I do one mean Ace Ventura impression/I am very good at caricatures.

5) Any wild injuries? Kate
I once sprained my ankle because I saw my sister jump down a flight of stairs and I wanted to do the same...then I danced on it for an hour. Another would be I once busted my chin open taking a turn too hard on my razor scooter. I only cried because of the puddle of blood on the pavement! I have a nice scar on my chin from that one!

6) Dream job? Kate
I have had like 5 "dream jobs" through out my life. But one that has always stuck by me would be to become an actress. I think it stems from my love of the Cinema. But, in my 10th grade acting class (Holla Mr. Heinhold!), I suddenly developed stage fright. It was horrible. I remember crying in the bathroom because I forgot my entire Dante Gabriel Rossetti poem on stage. Thankfully it was just in front of the class! But, you can imagine the embarrassment. It was literally like a light switch. One day enjoying class and loving the feeling of being on stage, the next day my body felt like it was on fire and I was sweating and shaking.

7) Favorite drink? Sammy
Alcohol wise? A good amber ale. I love beer! Harpoon IPA is my drink of choice when I go out. Corona is nice on a hot summer day. Or a cold winter day as a matter of fact. Hard alcohol wise, I love Margaritas, mojitos and anything with Jack Daniels.

8) What are your passions? Sammy
Photography has always been a passion of mine. I also get a thrill off of making people laugh. I am a very goofy person so if I can make anyone laugh it makes me very happy.

Here are some pictures I have taken (total amateur) 

9) Something not a lot of people know about you? Erin
I am very, very insecure. I come off as very confident and strong but I can be very vain and harsh on myself sometimes. I also always second guess myself. I failed my drivers test three times and EACH time it was because I erased the right answer (that I put originally) and put another one because I felt that I was wrong. I also get very insecure that I have yet to graduate from College or have a career. But I keep reminding myself that I have no clue what I would even want to do and that my "career" is being the best wife and mother I can be to my husband and son. I may not be getting paid with cash money but I am paid in lots of laughter, hugs and kisses. The best kind of dough!

10) Favorite food? Erin
Mac and Cheese. 4 lyfe. And my Dad's steak tips. The best you will ever have!

11) Do you have any talents? Lena
Hmm, I had to think for a minute/ask Jon. I definitely don't have a talent that jumps out at you. I can't sing or dance or anything like that. I have always been good at creating things. I love to paint and craft, I would say that is my true talent. Jon also said "loving me" what an ass-kisser ;-)

12) Do you have any tattoos? Lena
Not-a-one! I would love to get one (that I keep a secret because it is too nerdy to share) but I have always felt like I would regret getting it or it would look odd on me. I have very fair skin and lots of freckles. So fair that you can see the majority of my veins! So I just thought it would look a bit odd. That and I am terrified of needles. I do love tattoos though! My brother and sister are covered head to toe and Jon has a few as well. I think they are sexy on others!

13) Do you have any idiosyncrasies? Lena
I actually have a lot. The volume in my car/tv has to end in a 0 or a 5 or else I get uncomfortable. I used to have to chew food the same amount of times on both sides. But thankfully that has come to an end! I tend to say "so cute" a lot. Which bugs even me. I can only have Dunkin Donuts Hazlenut coffee with cream and sugar. I refuse any other coffee! I walk very fast and I have a very loud laugh. Everyone always says they know where Melissa is in a crowded room. I hope this is a good thing!

14) Do you have a signature dish that your family/friends love to eat? Lena
A few! My mom makes one mean lasagna that we have a few times a year. It is delicious! Another would be my Dad's steak tips. Whatever he marinades them in is like crack to a crack head. Whenever we get together in the summer he must make them! Last would be my Mother-in-Law's "sauce". That's all it is called. She makes it using pepperoni and tomato sauce and it is literally to die for! I really love traditional Irish food (no matter how unhealthy) like the "Dublin Coddle" and Corned Beef and Cabbage as well. So great with a dark beer!

This was a lot of fun! Thank you for asking me and feel free to send me an email if you want to know more!

xoxo Melissa

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