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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lend me your ears (only not literally)! And become my stylist because I am straight up FAILING in the fashion department.

Any other mom out there roll out of bed at 6:30am and not give a damn about your clothes? I for one, want to sleep in till 9am then start my day. But, Jack can't fix breakfast himself and the house needs to be clean!

I have noticed lately (or for the past two years) that I don't make an effort to get dressed up more. It is 100% my fault. But I always thought why get all dolled up every day when I am just going to get jelly and yogurt smeared on my sweaters, jeans and shirts? And I am N-O-T wearing heels while chasing after Jack. Have you seen this kid run? Speedy Gonzalez on crack.

But, I have realized that when I stay in my robe and yoga pants, that I don't like to do anything. I watch The Today Show while Jack refuses to play with me (yeah we are in that stage) and wish I had Natalie Morales' wardrobe. I love me some Natalie.

I like to take Jack out at least once a day for fresh air, and I don't want to feel or look like a lazy mom. You feel sluggish and lazy when you don't feel your best. Who they heck wants to feel like that? Not this lady.

I pin so many easy day-to-day outfits on Pinterest, but never actually try and put that idea together. Here are some of my favorites:

(all pictures above are linked and featured on my Pinterest Board)

All seem to be pretty straight forward which is what I love. And all of them look like you can still run around with your very active 26-month-old without breaking an ankle!

So cheer me on guys. Maybe I will even start outfit posts once I get the courage! Any mom's out there have any tips? I'm going through my closet tonight to see what to keep and what to donate before we move and I'm hoping it sparks more of a "get-your-lazy-butt-into-a-pair-of-jeans" mode.


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