Our trip to the Cape

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My favorite place in the good ol' US of A has to be Cape Cod. (The funny thing is, I say this when I have only been to a handful of states.)

The beautiful beaches, the famous Cape Cod style homes, the shops with all of the over-priced trinkets...all of it. The Cape even has a certain smell to it. It's hard to describe. It reminds me of the smell in my Nan's home. It always smelt like the Cape to me.

Jon proposed to me on a boardwalk in Cape Cod. We went on our first "weekend away" trip as a couple in Cape Cod and Jack's first beach trip (around 8 months or so) was in Cape Cod. It means a lot to us!

This past summer, our close friend Rick invited us to his beach house and we obviously said absolutely not hell yeah! So we packed our bags, put Mr. Jack in the car, and drove on down. The ride is generally two hours with traffic, so we timed our trip with Jack's nap. AND HE SLEPT THE WHOLE TIME. It was amazing.

There he is passed out with Ms. Piggy. Ms. Piggy was once a gift for a friend who just had a baby girl...Jack fell in love with Ms. Piggy, so she was here to stay!

Once we got to Rick's, we settled in and let Jack run around for a bit to help him wake up and get some energy. Jack loves flowers, especially "yellow fowers." So it was no surprise when he ran right up to this flower bush and sniffed till he couldn't sniff any more.

I cherish that photo. His closed eyes, his precious and innocent face. He is so sweet when he's not busy being a crazy man-child. So I was so thankful that Rick snapped this picture with my camera. I was off drooling over the shingles on the house....love that style.

After hanging around for a bit, I wanted to bring Jack down to a small beach that is about a five minute walk from Rick's.

Jack was a little hesitant at first with his new water shoes, but after a little water splashing, he was on board.

I remember the water being the perfect temperature and there were no waves, it was just nice and calm. I think that helped with Jack being a bit nervous about the water.

After some splashing, and pouring water back into...well...water, Jack needed to rest. By rest I do mean pour sand all over himself.

I am so glad I have those pictures. Gosh, I love this little guy!

I took Jack to a little play ground after but he seemed to be getting a little fussy, so we went back to the house.

Rick always calls Jack "buddy" so now, Jack calls him "Un-toe Buddy" aka "Uncle Buddy"  I love it!

The rest of our first night there, was spent eating and just hanging around. The weather was gorgeous. Not too hot and not too cold. Jack on the other hand was exhausted with a capital PUT ME TO BED.

Every mom knows this face. You know, the "I needed to be in bed an hour ago" face.
So, after a dinner that he scarfed down in record time (as you can tell above) he was out like a light. So the rest of the night was nice and relaxing. It felt great!

 Grill-Master Rick!
Oh heeey girl!

And since Rick is a wonderful host, he knew of my love for Sparkling Pink Moscato. I once had a whole bottle to myself....shhhh. And no, it was not that night! 

After a great night of sleep, we went straight to the beach in the morning.

Jack was growing restless after an hour or so (it was really hot and very sunny!) So we went back home to run around the yard and eat lunch. I also took this opportunity to take some pictures of us with Jack. It was too hard for a picture of the three of us, but we did get great individual shots with Jack.

Look at that siding. Just look at it. I could marry it. I could marry it all day long.

Our last day at Rick's we did a lot of things.First, we wanted to pack everything up and start to head out, but explore a bit. So we searched and searched for Antique Shops to try and grab something to help us remember our weekend trip but nothing was open...literally nothing. So we went to Kreme & Kone which is a staple at the Cape! Delicious, yummy-in-my-tummy food. Rick was nice enough to feed Jack his yogurt and show him the cars through the window so the two parental units could eat in peace. Jack has never been good at restaurants!

Just look at those baby blues. My sweet blue-eyed boy.

 We wanted to hit the road before the craycray Cape traffic and also so Jack would sleep in the car (and he did!)

Memories like our weekend at the Cape house are what I cherish. It was quiet and spent with great friends, great food and great wine! But the best was that it was spent in a beautiful location with Jon and Jack.

I have some tips for Mom's and Dad's bringing their kids to the beach

#1 -Sunblock. Apply as much as you can! Make sure you rub it in but don't be afraid to apply it every hour or so. There is no such thing as too much sun block. We use a tear-free spray sunblock for Jack's body and a sun block "stick" for his face and hands.

#2 - Invest in a breathable beach suit/hat/water shoes. One that helps block the rays, but also will help keep your tot cool. They can over-heat very easily! And make sure they have shoes so they don't step on sharp shells or glass (you never know!) We purchased all of Jack's bathing suits, water shoes and hats at Target or Carter's. I love both stores!

#3 - Baby powder takes all of the annoying sand off. Once you leave the beach and are on the side walk again, sit down and shake it on. It helps so on the car ride home you don't track in enough sand to make a sandcastle.

#4 - Invest in a large beach tote and bring a variety (but not an army) of toys. This we learned the hard way. We became so irritated trekking back and forth bringing back seats, blankets, food, toys, etc., that we started bickering. And you know what? We didn't use half of it. Just bring the essentials and try to fit it all in one bag so one person can carry the chairs and one person carry the bags. 

#5 - for food and drinks, think easy. Sandwiches, goldfish crackers, bottled water and fruit. Don't bring anything that involves bowls, spoons etc. Just think finger foods and anything that they can use a straw for or sip (depending on age of course) for drinking. Bags are easier to pack and take up less room in your beach bag.

#6 - bring some sort of shade. Whether its an umbrella or one of those crazy beach huts that a lot of people have, you need something where your child can cool down and snack before heading back to the water. 

So there you have it. Our weekend getaway courtesy of Uncle Buddy. It was such a great time and we can't wait to do it again this summer.

Do you have any other tips for the beach? What do you bring to keep your kids busy?

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