Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ello Mates!

So, before I started blogging, like I'm talking waaaaay back in the day. Around 1123 A.D, I discovered this blog Young House Love on an article from The Washington Post. I clicked the link since I thought Sherry was adorable and discovered a little slice of hilarious Heaven.

Young House Love is a DIY, design and decor blog....obviously. They may even have a book out. They are that bad a$$ and successful. I love them. I stalk them. I refresh their page for updates. I'm crazy for YHL. I tried to make it to their book signing in Boston this fall, but of course, in true New England weather fashion...we had a snow storm. So I was unable to make it. Yes, I did cry. But I do have their book and cuddle with it at night. Just adore them!

Now, through YHL, I discovered Katie Bower. Let me just say, Katie Bower is awesome. She runs Bower Power and is the meow to my meow mix.

You must be wondering where I am going with this, right? Well, Katie came up with the idea to start a "Pinterest Challenge" every season. Where everyone stops pinning and starts DOING!

So, the time has come for their Winter Edition of the Pinterest Challenge. The only rule is that you "put your spin on it while linking back to the original source" Totally easy and very doable!

Here is the link from YHL & Katie Bower for more info!

Now, what to do?

Here are my 2 inspirations.

1) Make an alphabet book from The Home Teacher using Jack's hands and feet!


2) Make fun alphabet art for his new big boy bedroom! Link from this site.

Hmmm, what to pick?

I will show you next week on Wednesday the 27th when the Challenge is due! Very excite!

xoxo Melissa

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