Pinterest Challenge: Winter Edition

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A few days back I showed you what my options were for the Pinterest Challenge held by Young House Love and Bower Power. After thinking things over, I realized that A) Jack does not enjoy paint or anything on his feet, and 4) That I doubt I could do the ABC booklet with a rambunctious toddler. So, the choice was simple. Some ABC art it was!

I wanted to choose the colors of what Jack's new "big boy" room will be. It is a cars, trucks and airplane themed room with a color scheme of red, gray, black and white. The boy loves anything on wheels. He has even started to give up the beloved "Lovie" for trying to sneak cars into bed. Little rascal.

So, we headed on over to Michaels (our local craft store) to pick up some canvas, paint and paint brushes.

(Please bare with me with my horrible iPhone pictures. My camera is a total bust and I'm not making any large purchases until after we move into our home)

Wa bam! Canvas! I went with a large rectangular shape since he has a looooooooooot of bare wall space in his bedroom. I will do a proper house tour in a few weeks so you can see. Oh, and his room is larger than the master.......that's ok though, we won't have a bunch of toys and toddler stuff in our room so it makes sense. Or will we? I love Thomas the Train more than Jack!

Next, while watching The Oscars (love, LOVE watching it) I used a pencil to draw where I wanted every letter before I painted it.

Let me warn you. I am NOT the best painter. In fact, I'm pretty terrible. But, going into it, I didn't want it to look perfect. I want messy lines, and some splatter. To me, a boys room needs to look a little rugged. Nothing perfectly in place, and nothing neat. It's not 100% yet, I may make some touches here and there. But for now, it is done!

So without further ado, my ABC art

Yeaaaah buddy! I asked Jack what he thought he said "lettas up in the wall! Red! Backs! Whites!"

I'm taking that as a pat on the back.

Speaking of back, I am going to go slap my heating pad on mine and call it a night!

So, what have you done for your kids lately? Any other DIY wall art? Did you also participate in the Pinterest Challenge!? I love those creative Petersik's and Bower's!

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