To Vlog or not to Vlog

Thursday, February 14, 2013

...that is the question! So, I had an idea about four minutes ago. I get a lot of emails of people asking me questions about myself since I have never properly done an "about me" page. So I says to myself, I says "self? Why not do a vlog!?"

So, over the weekend feel free to email/facebook me and ask me a question or two! Personal, fashion ideas (HA!) or anything quirky. Nothing like what my blood type is...freaks. And on Sunday or Monday or Friday I will create my very first Vlog with all of the questions you have asked. Hopefully this will put more of a "face" to the blog.

WARNING: I am a bit odd. I think I'm hilarious and I use my hands to do most of the talking.

xo Melissa

FB: Holla!

PS - And since a post without a picture is is my latest obsession:

This sexy beast. Yeah, that's right. My obsession is a celebrity. It is Kili from The Hobbit aka Aidan Turner aka the 2nd love of my life aka if Jon ever gave me a "cheat pass" it would be him aka he is one sexy dwarf.

What? I can't help it...

Happy Valentine's Day!

photo from this site

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