A Nailin' Good Time

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Painting my nails. Something I have never been good at. I am that girl that bites her cuticles and nails when she is nervous and scratches her nailpolish off one day after she sloppily applies it. I have been on "mission beautify myself" for about a few weeks now. Basically shower, get dressed and do my hair and make up before noon. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I am the definition of failure. So, for my "Pinterest inspired" weekly post (that is 5 days late --I'm trying people!) I tried to paint my nails like a boss.

Poor Debra.

Moving on.

One of my favorite Youtube tutorials on how to make your nails beautimous, comes from hollyannaeree. Ain't she the purdiest? She is a beauty baller. Shot holla! That's how that phrase is said, right? Probably not.

A while back, I pinned her tutorial on how to file, shape and paint nails.

I gave it my best shot today. It was a total failure. I need to learn how to paint my damn nails without globbing the paint all over my skin. It is a hot mess. Jon has "no idea how to paint nails"/hates the smell so he won't assist me. What a jerk. What man doesn't know how to paint nails!? *INSERT SARCASM FONT*

I like the shape of my nails and the color, but hate how sloppy they look around the edges. I try to use nail polish remover on a Q-Tip but I normally get it on my nail then have to repaint it. Such a damn pain!

BUT! For the first time, I didn't have a thumb print or a goopy chunka-paint on my nails. So I consider that to be a great success!

Anyone have any tips? I try the "several light coats" and to avoid the cuticle but I still fail.

Now I know why girls spend so much on manicures!

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