Queen Melissa, Matron of Honor...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

...finder of mason jars and planner of parties.

That is my new name. Well, if I was in The Middle Ages/royal it would be.

That's right. I am the Maid of Honor for my sister Mary's wedding. Awww yeah, I paid her a lot of pretty pennies to secure that title. Not really, but I just like to feel important :-)

Mary found one heck-of-a-guy and they are getting hitched next July. I CAN'T WAIT. Justin is the apple to her eye. The drool to her weird dog laugh. And the grease to her bacon. This just got weird.

Anyways. As MOH, I have a lot of duties that I am in charge of. 1) being my sister's slave. D) Fanning her and feeding her strips of bacon whilst she gets her feet rubbed. And the most important 7) helping her plan her big day.

I could not be more excited and honored!

We met yesterday in Concord, NH for a Bridal show with two of her Bridesmaids and walked around looking at the different vendors and watching Mary get attacked by the Sales people. Kinda hilarious. It was actually really cool. I had never been to one before so it was a new experience. The place was small, we all wished that there was more to it. I almost broke out into Gangnam style twice. Just a normal day with Melissa. But it was just nice to walk around, away from work, kids and have girl-talk all day.

When we were there, Mary had her hair and makeup done for an idea of what she wants on my her big day. She wants her hair half up and half down which looks goooorgeous on her long locks. The hairdresser did a great job and curled it with a hair straightener (jigga, what!?) I totally studied her every move. Yet I don't remember anything. Go figure.

She used some sort of make up sprayer to apply her foundation (and eyebrows? I think) which was just strange to see. And she told us that she adds colors (like pink and green) to help cover blemishes or rosacea. Pretty neat. I still use Mary Kate and Ashley lip gloss so I had no clue about any of this (kidding...not really)

For some reason, my computer won't flip the picture. Sorry if your neck gets stiff!

Oh and we obviously jumped into the photo booth. After I got my Kanye West on with those wicked cool sunglasses (insert sarcasm here) How do people wear those things? A line was in direct site of my pupil. I almost fell into the table. Steph's horse head was the coolest prop. That Steph, she's always horsing around....get it? I know, I'm hilarious.

After we didn't win any prize/almost got scratched from some crazy cats who fought over a bouquet, we went to Panera Bread just to plan more about her big day.

We all ordered either some food or just a drink, I tried a Cappuccino for the first time and it was pretty darn tasty. You just have to drink it two hours after ordering since their only temperatures are scolding hot and molten lava. Trust me, I asked.

We discussed some color ideas, flowers, dress ideas, decor, what we can DIY and stuff like that. Wedding planning is a lot of fun! Stressful, but we will make it work!

I truly am so happy for the lovely couple. Trust me, we already warned Justin about what he was getting into marrying into the family. But he weird like us so it works :-)

Now everyone pray that I don't cry of fear while giving my toast at their wedding. Lord only knows there will be lots of makeup running into my mouth and maybe hyperventilating.
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