Recently with the Ricci's: February

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I kind of want this post to sound like a news segment...I'm channeling my inner, more attractive Matt Lauer aka Willie Geist (mmm)

Good evening, 6 followers and welcome to Recently with the Ricci's. 

Forget that, I have already ran out of clever things to say.

Moving on.

I feel like we have moved to Crazy Town, USA. The past few weeks have been a little cray as Sir West says.

So, a lot of you cool cats know that Jon is the singer of Lansdowne. One bada$$ rock band from Boston. They are doing really well and Jon left for a two-week tour about a week ago which means I have been drowning my sorrows in Mac & Cheese. I do this anyways but even more so when he leaves. The longer we are together the harder him leaving is. I always give him a kiss goodbye, hold in the tears, then it is Niagara Falls up in this piece when he closes the door (I'm an ugly cryer so I try and hide)


Just look at him sitting and being all handsome in that chair.

But, his tour so far has been going splendid which is what really matters. They have recorded five new songs that they will debut this Spring and I am very excite! My Rocker hubby, so proud of him!

As some of you know, we are building our very first home. Let me tell you a little bit about building a home...It can be very, very stressful. It is so much fun being able to pick everything you want in your house from floors, cabinets, tile etc., but it is a very long process. Our closing date on the house was set for March 15th but it has been pushed back to April 5th. At first, I was really upset and just wanted to punch someone (I didn't) It has just been such a long road and I was so looking forward to taking a hot bath in my soaker tub and weirding out my neighbors. But, it also meant that I (me, myself and I in case you didn't know) would have to pack ALL of our stuff (which is a lot) by myself since Jon is home on March 12th. Three days to pack would just make for two moody peeps. And I am the weakest person I know with the back of a 75-year-old woman. So I was stressing to say the least. 

But, since the closing date was pushed back, now Jon will be home to pack his closet the size of Manhattan and lug all of the boxes around for my small self. This is also a really good thing because I can watch him use his muscles. Mmm, muscles.

In Melissa Town, things have obviously been a bit stressful. What to pack? What to donate? What is my name? So that is literally all I have been doing. Packing. And eating. Definitely NOT sleeping.

But, I have made some cute purchases recently. Etsy is the most addictive site in the world 2nd to this blog....................I will take the silence as you agreeing with me..................

When I mentioned in this post my dilemma with trying to avoid looking like the swamp thing 24/7, I have been trying really hard to shower, get dressed, do my hair and makeup every day. One thing that is my go-to for bad hair days are headbands. I love me a headband. I think it's because I grew up in the 90's. If you didn't have a headband you were not allowed to play on the tire swing. You had to hide under the slide and play with your imaginary friends by yourself...oh wait, I did that. 

Where was I? Oh right, horses.

I ordered this gorgeous headband from the Etsy site SchickiMickis. It also can be worn as a necklace and a halo. I love the look of it and will definitely show you all once I get it. I love everything that she sells on her site (and she is crazy gorgeous), definitely check it out!

I also ordered two headbands from a favorite blog of mine called Maybe Matilda. She is like the relatable Keira Knightley (she looks just like her, lucky thing). She does adorable crochet headbands and I ordered this one in dusty rose and this one in thyme. I think they are so cute! I had to have them. Check our her Etsy site and her blog Maybe Matilda here.

And, speaking of hair, I have decided that for the Spring/Summer I am going to be a redhead. My natural hair is pretty close. I have Sandy blonde hair with copper tones but I dye it brown since it tends to wash my already pale self out. I have tried it before and loved it, so I'm giving it another shot!

Similar to this pretty lady that I found on Pinterest. More of a natural red feel and nothing too light. I have the eyes and skin for it, so why not? That and Jon loves the idea! Boo ya! Victory is mine.

That is really all that has been going on with me. Nothing too exciting, just hair choices and packing. 

Jack on the other hand has been having a great couple of weeks. The boy has grown into such a funny, sociable and loving person.

Today in the car he sang "peanut butter up in the sky, peanut butter up in the sky with SHOES! and shoessss and booooots!" It was the cutest.

He recently loves Finding Nemo (we fast forward through the scary scene in the beginning) which is awesome because I love me some Dory. We share so many things in common. Like not remembering anything. Where was I again?

We met with his future Pre School this Tuesday and I wanted to make a day of it. So we went to the library in our new town and he sat and played (since he still won't allow me to) while I caught up on some blogs. It was peaceful and nice to just sit down and rest.

The library is gorgeous and they have a great music/dance program on Tuesdays that we are going to go to starting next week. He is so excited!

We loved the mural and Jack kept asking to ride the airplane and "bronty" the dinosaur. Such a cutie.

We headed on over to Dunkin Donuts after so I could grab a coffee. Jack was so well-behaved that I let him have a donut and he gobbled it up in a record 2 minutes so he could play peekaboo with an elderly couple. Crazy kid was hiding behind anything he could and would say "where ahh youu?" Just the best.

We went home so I he could sleep. Naturally, he didn't sleep so we went outside since it was relatively nice out and hopped in the snow pretending to be bunny rabbits. 

We even left a trail! Apparently I'm a ghost and have no footprints. Hmmm that would explain why my skin is see-through and I'm always freezing...

And speaking again of the hair department, Jack got a haircut! Just a fade on the sides and a little longer on top. Why you ask? THIS IS WHY

So he can rock his "Mo-hawts"

Love that kid. He really is the best. Well, not when he is throwing trucks at my head or trying to spill my food...while I'm eating. He means well though.

So what is going on in your neck of the woods? (Al Roker reference obviously) Any exciting and new adventures going on in your life? Share!
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