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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I thought it would be fun to share some things I have loved at the end of each month. Whether it is a new body spray, recipe, article of clothing, books, whatever. A monthly round up of things I enjoy and can share with you all.

1) These simple black heels from I saw them on my girlfriend Lena's instagram account and had to have them! First of all, who can beat that price? Bada Boom Bada Bing, these puppies were on my feet in a week. I have been searching for an affordable pair since I first saw them all over fashion blogs. I love the look and they work with anything casual and you can also dress them up. Consider me swooned! Examples of the exact shoes from Lena's post and similar shoes from a picture in my Fashion Pinterest Board

2) is a gift from the Gods. I am a perfume junkie. But, I hate the $70+ price tags on a small bottle of perfume. I like to have a variety and heck no am I spending that much on each perfume. But,  after a quick google search, I found this site. For a little bottle that will last me a few months (which is how often I switch perfumes) I get a sample for $5.00. Woo! This time I chose Ralph Lauren's Romance and I think it the perfect Spring scent. It is flirty, floral and fresh. Just like me. I'm cheap and proud. And before I run out, I can order another or buy the same one for $5.00. Yeaaaah buddy!

3) The hobbit dvd. Obviously this is a favorite. If you love fantasy anything, you will love this movie. I am a huge Tolkein fan and although the movie is pretty far off from the book, it is still a great film. Martin Freeman is brilliant as Bilbo Baggins and it is a great date night movie with adventure, humor and a little bit of a fright. I highly recommend it! The 2nd DVD also gives fun Special Features and more of an insight into the crazy world of Peter Jackson and all of the behind the scenes action. If you watch it, let me know what you think!

4) Getting the ball rolling on our house. Buying, building and moving into this darn house is taking its toll on me. This is stressful We originally were supposed to close/move in March 12th now it has been pushed back twice due to our builder forgetting to submit appraisel forms. What the heck dude! But, it is starting to move along and hopfully we are all set and done after April 15th. Momma is getting impatient! Everything we had to do is done, just waiting on our builder to kick his butt in gear.

5) My new Spring wardrobe. Thank you God for my wonderful, kind and romantic husband. My, oh my do I love this man. I came home Sunday night to a closet filled with a new spring/summer wardrobe from J Crew. He spoils me. I am the luckiest lady. He left a sweet note and said I "deserve a wardrobe almost as beautiful as me." Aww! I always complain to him that my clothes are pj's and sweatshirts since my pre-baby body and hips keeps changing. I now have clothes that fit and make me look-fan-friggin-tastic! I feel like a new woman! J Crew was made for me!

6) New and affordable hair/body wash products. LONG have I been searching for the right hair products. Well, look no more, Dove is here to stay. My hair has never felt so soft, there is zero frizz and it smells delicious. I am in love!

7) My new hair dryer. My mom's hairdresser is the I had this little rinky-dink hair dryer from 1992 that was making my hair so dry. So I finally splurged and bought a new one similar to my Mom's and I look like a VS Model. Clearly kidding. But it helps make it softer and more bouncy. Mama loves. And I don't need to straighten my hair anymore! Woo!

8) Bath and Body Works lotion. This lotion from Bath and Body works is my daily go-to lotion. It smells lovely (lavender and chamomille) and is a great moisturizer if you live in a harsh winter climate like I do! I used my BFFL Sarah's hand wash of the same scent and just had to have it as a lotion!

9) Egyptian Goddess body oil. I have been buying this ever since my sister Grace showed it to me. I love, love love this body oil. I stocked up this month for the year. It's called Egyptian Goddess from Auric Blends and my favorite smell in the world. If you want to try a new body oil (for only $9 holla!) Try this one! Everyone always tells me how amazing I smell and ask for where to get it.

10) This Etsy vendor called valuexshop. I love a nice deal, so when I saw this etsy shop I had to get some jewelry! You can get the popular "bubble" jcrew necklaces for cheap. You won't have to sell any limbs! Woo! I bought this one and this one and cannot wait to wear them!

What have you been loving lately? Any new reccomdations for me to try? Any books? I can't wait for Dan Brown's Inferno to come out!

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