Easter 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday was a B-L-A-S-T! We had such a great day and Jack enjoyed every moment of it. The weather was nice, we never felt rushed (which is rare when all three of us need to be somewhere) and it was overall a very relaxing day.

Where shall we start? Ah, yes, The Easter Bunny!

So the Easter Bunny came once Jack fell asleep and brought him some goodies. I went to Target the night before and went WILD. I call it "must-buy-everything-titus" because he has zero cars, no crayons and no bubbles. Obviously I am telling a complete lie, but those are the things he likes, so that is what I bought!

I set up the "Egg trail" to lead him to the table. Naturally he was not impressed and just kicked them when he saw them!

 Look at those ankles.

He loved it and kept yelling "prizes! prizes!" Such a ham.

A few hours later, we were on our way to Brunch with relatives and we were all hoping that Jack would fall asleep on the ride there...no dice. He passed out as we pulled into the parking lot. Immediately I thought he was going to wake up and it would be chaos. Thankfully, he stayed asleep and slept on my chest as we all sat down. He was out for a sold half hour so everyone got their plates and we all ate in peace. It was the Marlborough Country Club and it was beautiful and had a ton of delicous food. I had the baked Haddock then went back for pancakes. My kind of meal!

When Jack finally woke up....he was very clingy and very well...ummm...look for yourself...

...moving on.

The Easter Bunny was around and went on a few Easter Egg hunts with the kiddos that were there (we missed the first one since he was asleep...then missed the second because he was going #2...TMI? Yeah.)

But we did get some adorable photos!

My sweet blue-eyed boy :-) Just the best.

On our way out, we all took some pictures and Jack actually posed! Love when he does that. Normally it's like wrestling a well-greased piglet...that is on fire.

(NO I am not pregnant...the dress bubbled out and ruined the picture! So upset)
Love them. We all had a blast and could not stop eating. The food was just too good. I hope we come here for years to come! A lovely place.

Next we were heading to my Auntie Lorrie's house for a late lunch and egg hunt for Jack and his cousing Nathan. He was so excited to see "AUNTIE GACE!" (my sister Grace) and everyone else that we got these crazy pics on the ride over...

Road trip faces. Holy Cow I am pale.

Once we got there, the boys started hopping from the piano to Nana's lap and then started chasing each other. Normal toddler bidness!

I love how Jack sits like that. The cutest. I must say, Nathan needs to be a baby model. That combover? Ryan Gosling up in the house.

Gorgeous table setting Auntie!

The food was de-lish. And I had a nice cold bottle of Rootbeer to wash it down. Mmm mm mmm!

I mean, come on. The cuteness is unreal!

Now onto the egg hunt!

I wonder who did that...


The sweetest smiles. Just love them!

Of course the picture is not in focus, but my aunt hung eggs in the tree using fishing wire and I thought it was so cute! I will be stealing this idea :-)

My love

We had such a great day filled with family and great food. Next year we hope to host Easter so we can have more family over as well. HOPEFULLY WE ARE MOVED IN BY THEN!!! GRR!

What did you do for Easter? Any traditions? Share!
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