Jack - 29 Months

Monday, April 29, 2013

Here's a post dedicated to our little rockstar, Jack and all of what has been happening with him lately.
Food: loves hummus on pita, Peanut Butter spoons, Pancakes, cantelope, apples, PB & J sandwiches, water, Pizza, Mac & Cheese and anything I'm eating.
  • He is now saying full sentences like "I do brush Jack's teeth" or "I do go down the slide!"
  • Is VERY independant but still loves to play with us when he wants.
  • The past couple of weeks have been "terrible twos" up in this piece.
  • Loves to cuddle with me.
  • Has started to sing and will say "I sing, sing, sing" or "Oh ya! Oh ya!" when the radio goes on.
  • Loves to run and jump on people.
  • Is a great sharer.
  • Loves to help us clean.
  • Enjoys coloring and painting.
  • Is an avid bug collector.
  • He gets very excited when he YELLS "fee, fi, fo fum! I'm a big giant!!"
  • His favorite thing to do is crash his cars into each other and play with his train tracks.
  • Loves Caillou, Mickey Mouse, Chuggington and Cars
  • Is afraid of the dark and monsters (we tell him they do not exist)
  • Loves to shower and feel the water on his back
  • Can be very shy at times but eventually warms up
He is starting to really become a little boy this month and it is flying by way too fast. He makes us laugh so, so hard every day. He is such a comedian (like his momma..........)
We are going to start a "quote" book of the funny, crazy things he is saying lately as well. I can't believe he will be two and a HALF soon! Que the kleenex and tears!

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