Jack's Easter Eggs

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One thing I knew we had to do for Easter was dye eggs with Jack.  We had never done it before because all Jack ever wanted to do was throw the eggs and dump the water out. I was all "heck no" especially since food coloring was involved. But at his age now he takes direction well and is terrible ok at the following rules.

So I made sure we started the dyeing of ze eggs after his nap so we had no random meltdowns. And it was a success!

I have two tips that I highly recommend you do, especially if you have a rambunctious little tot like myself.

1.) Make sure you have towels...everywhere. On the table, on the floor, the ceiling, the chairs, everywhere. I learned that no matter what, they are a toddler. Making a mess is fun for them! Stressing over every splash of food color, is not. So just make sure you prepare yourself.

2.) Wear clothes you don't care for. Like when you paint for instance. Trust me, I ruined a new shirt.

I wanted Jack to feel like these were his eggs. He chose the colors and it was his job to move the eggs to the different colors of dye.

He loved every minute of it.

I broke half of them. Egg boiler I am not.

Jack chose his favorite colors red, yellow, orange (o-didge as Jack says) and green. After we started dyeing he wanted purple and blue as well. Decisions, decisions.

 Patiently waiting

Just kidding

First he only wanted them to be green

then blue...

I think they look like planets!

Then once he said they were all done, we gently plopped them onto the paper towel to dry off a bit (and it helps make cool designs on the eggs)

All done! It was a lot of fun and Jack left them out for the Easter Bunny to snack on when he came over.

What did you do for an Easter craft? Any egg dyeing at your casa? Feel free to share!
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