Lull Farm 2012

Thursday, April 25, 2013

So a few months ago, a certain toddler threw my camera at me. It missed me and crashed onto the floor. I tried to save it...I did all I could but it stopped working. I was devastated. Ok, not devastated but I had pictures on there that I had yet to upload that thankfully, were saved. I just found them yesterday and I need to share them! They were from this fall when we took Jack and Nathan to Lull Farm in Hollis, NH.

Lull farm was somewhere we went every year when we were younger to pick apples, pumpkins, see animal and get yummy ice cream (I always got the bubble gum ice cream)

I was so excited to take Jack since it would be his first trip there so I obviously went photo cray.

Without further ado, our Pumpkin Trip of 2012...

We started the day off by having a photo shoot. "Dance monkey! Dance!" NAME THAT MOVIE!

Once we arrived at Lull Farm, we went straight for the poultry. They were mesmerized but also kept putting their fingers through and the chickens would peck at them. If only I could do that when he gouges his fingers into my eyeballs...

I can picture Jack saying "Hey, lets pretend to look cute and interested then book it! Sound good, Nathan?"

Just stop Nathan. Stop with the cuteness.

"Mom, come on! You're embarrassing me!" Just wait for field trips Jack. Just wait.

After we wanted to walk around and look at some other livestock. Naturally Jack took the lead.

All I can think of is Taylor Swift's "Trouble" but the Goat Version

Cuteness overload: Rock throwin' time!

Onto the tractor ride! We toured the Farm twice I believe. It was beautiful! I would live on a Farm. As long as there were no bugs or livestock to care for. 

"Stop. With. The. Pictures."

"Quick! Grab her camera!!!"

Onto the swings!


Sumo Jack

Can't wait till this year!

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