Day 1: 250 Words

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And so begins the May Blog Challenge created by the beautiful Jenni from Story of My Life. Lets get this puppy started! *starts barking*

I was born in Concord, MA on July 30th in the late 1980's. I was born with clubbed feet and had to wear casts to straighten my feet. I am the youngest out of 4. We lived in Billerica, MA until I was 4 or 5 then moved to Nashua, NH. I loved my neighborhood and my best friend to this day, lived across the street. It was a typical childhood; making faces and weird noises, making movies and plays in our front yards. I was a normal kid with a dash of strange. I was always very shy in school and when I would get home I was a big ball of energy. I have always connected Harry Potter to myself and my best friends, Sarah and Chris. Sarah was smart like Hermione and Chris and I were goofy like Harry and Ron.  I had scoliosis and was made fun of in school for my back brace. That was tough.  I did not like high school and had a hard time staying motivated until my senior year. I started to go to college to become a history teacher but had to drop out because I needed to work. I met Jon and we moved in together. After a year together, I was all of a sudden 25 weeks pregnant. We had Jack in 2010, got married in 2012 and now we are moving in our home next week. And I wouldn’t change a thing!
I think that was 250 words! Hopefully it was close :-)
And for giggles, some pictures of me, my cool self, and I.

Shoulder pads were in, no?

I loved EVERY Disney movie. Especially 101 Dalmations.

Straight creepin'

High off life

I stole Mary's Indian vest(?) because I didn't want to be a Pilgrim.

I was so good at "jampnoping" and was such a "goo" friend.

The week after I found out I was preggers!

30 weeks I think!

Moments after Jack was born :-) Best day of our lives!

November 20th of this past year. Just love that man.

Jack = Me

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