Day 10 & 11

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm not very good at posting everyday...but then again, we are moving!

Day 10 of the blog challenge is to describe my most embarrassing moment...where to start? I have thousands of stories for you.

I would say my MOST embarrassing goes back to Jr. High. I was in love with this preppy and popular kid and was so so excited when he asked me to go to the mall with him. Yes...this was 7th grade. That was considered a date. I was so excited all day long that I could barely focus on school work and I just wanted to get home and tell my mom. THEN I see him walking hand-in-hand with one of my sister Mary's friends, Erica. I was HEARTBROKEN. And he looked right at me and smiled to rub it in. He obviously told all of his friends too since they started laughing at me. It was so embarrassing and just so devastating. It was like a scene in a movie. But then the next day he was busted for drinking or drugs or something stupid so I didn't care anymore :-) Karma is a b-word!

Then again...I did look like this. (Sorry Mom)

I have no shame.

Day 11 of the blog challenge is to describe myself in 10 words...


Bada boom bada done.
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