Day 2: Moving Tips

Thursday, May 2, 2013

For Day 2 of the "blog every day in May" challenge, I am here to educate you on suttin'.

Now, edumacation. Somethin I ain't no alottsa bout. Clearly kidding since I am a Harvard Grad. Also kidding.

But lately, all I have been doing is packing, moving, pack-ing, and more packing. SO I'm here to give you my tips guessed it! Circus animals!

Tip #1 - Stock up on boxes loonnnng before you move. My dear mother has been bringing boxes home for us from her job since the Summer! And you know what? We still need more. You can never have enough. And try and get all sorts of sizes as well.

Tip #2 - Label EVERYTHING. That way when you move, you know what is in each box and where it needs to go.

  • Use a different colored tape for each room
  • Write on the piece of tape what room it needs to go in
  • Tape an index card on the box and write down everything that you put in it (so you quickly know what is in there and if you need to unpack it right your cat)
  • Have a piece of paper as a key and write what each color means for all of your friends/relatives/aliens so they know what each color represents
Tip #3 - Set up cable and internet BEFORE you move in. So you can plop your fanny down after a long day of unpacking and watch The Real Housewives of Orange County ESPN.

Tip #4- Don't have a "plop-everything-down" space. Bring every box into the room it will belong in. It makes unpacking a lot easier.

Tip #5 - Hire a sitter or ask your Momma to help watch the kids. We made sure my Mom could watch Jack for the weekend so we could really focus and make sure it is all set for him so he feels at home when we are in. And who the heck could watch a toddler AND unpack/organize at the same time? Mrs. Doubtfire.

So there are my tips! Anyone else have anything you recommend? Hire the Hulk? He told us he was on vacation, so he wasn't able to help.
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