Day 3: Things that make me uncomfortable

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ahhh yes, things that make me uncomfortable. For me, it is mostly "situations" that make me feel uncomfortable. It is hard to explain...maybe I should show you using Real Housewives GIFS...

# 1 - When people smell bad I'm all...

# 2 - When I get hit on by someone while with Jack (yes this has happened)

# 3 - When you are stuck and alone in an elevator with someone who farted

# 4 - When I have surprise company and I haven't cleaned or showered yet

# 5 - When couples argue in front of me

# 6 - When sales people are all up in my bidness...

# 7 - When I have a bad hair day and I'm out in public like this every minute...

# 8 - When you see a really hot mom at the playground...

# 9 - When guys just DON'T get the hint

# 10 - When people fall

# 11 - When people brag about materialistic things 

# 12 - When people try and force you to go out for their birthday

Bonus - When I hear people talking about me

There you are. Situations that make me uncomfortable. The sad thing is, I make all of these faces on the regular.

What makes you uncomfortable? Obsessed with The Real Housewives as well? New Jersey in June! Yeahhhh buddy!

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