Day 7: The Things I am Afraid of

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On Day 7 of the blog challenge, I need to discuss what I am afraid of. This is easy. And expect no pictures because I will cry in a corner with make up running into my face (who am I kidding, I haven't even showered yet).

  1. Big a$$ Spiders. For life. I hate them. I cover them with caps from bottles so Jon can "bring them outside" later. Who the heck saves spiders? Not this girl.
  2. Sharks. Yet I love Shark Week? I can't even swim in pools without getting nervous. I think they are going to burst through the wall. Yes I realize that is impossible and that would mean they swam through miles of dirt and found a pool.
  3. Heights. I can't even look over a ledge. I feel like someone will push me every.darn.time.
  4. Insects of any kind. Well, not Ladybugs. They are also covered with caps.
  5. Scary Movies. Can't do them. I always have nightmares. I can't even watch "Signs" by that Shamalan guy.
  6. Big crowds. We just went to the Celtics game the other night and it was PACKED. We had to hold hands so we wouldn't get lost. I just hate being that close to people and can barely move. People are stinky.
  7. Rollercoasters. Just no.
  8. Losing Jon or Jack. On a more serious note...I can't imagine life without them. I truly can't.
  9. The dark. I know I am an adult (well, kinda) but yes, I am still afraid of the dark.
  10. Clowns. Get them the heck out of my face. Freaks.

And since a post with no pictures is booooooring...

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