M-Day...aka Moving Day

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Here are some shots of the moving process and the kitchen when I started to set it up last night. It really is fun to design your own home. I haven't been able to do that untill now :-)

I was nervous about Jack. How would he take the move? Would he love it? Hate it? Beg to go to Nonni's? What would happen?

Verdit: He loves it. And yells "This is MY house! And lighting queens, and Maters, and Mickey's!"

Of course I correct him and say "our" house. Unless he wants to pay the mortgage. Then it is all his.

"I wear the Daddy's shoes?!"

"I sit here! This my seat, Mommy! I have apple sauce?"

Eventually he asked for his bean bag chair since the floors were just not cutting it.

Jack loves it.

We took a trip to a Nursery to pick out some fresh flowers for the table. Jack ran around yelling "I will garden all of this!! Oh my God! Flowers! Yellow, blue, pinks, reds, odidge (orange) flowers!" He loved it. And yes, "lightning queen" aka Lighting McQueen had to come with us.

I brought Jack to my Mom's (thanks Mom!) for the weekend so we could really focus on getting the house together. Especially Jack's room so he will feel at home.

When I got back from my Mom's, I went into UN-PACK MODE. Aka beast mode.

Obviously I put Harry Potter on. After it was the Real Housewives. Thank goodness Jon was in NY or else his mind would have exploded.

Our coffee station.

My owls that Jon bought me cover the HORRIBLE grout line that I wish woud go away. That is definitely one of the bad things about working with a Contractor. Nothing will ever be perfect. Like our grout line that looks like a blind penguin did it..with his beak. I will have to do a post of all the bad things that we need to fix.

Jack picked those flowers! I love them

Like my TV stand and my old Minnie Mouse blanket? I do too. And yes we have no curtains right now. 5am is a real pain in the patoot.

I think it will take a few more days to be FULLY moved in and feel comfortable. It is still a weird feeling knowing that we are in control of this house! 

I can't wait to show you all more!

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