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Friday, May 31, 2013

Want to see what we've been up to lately? No? I wouldn't either Of course you do.

Life at the Ricci household has been a bit chaotic the past few weeks. As you know, we have recently moved into our house. We are beeeyooond happy about it and we are excited to start decorating soon.

Right after we moved in, Jon had to go on tour for three weeks. So it was just the Jackster and my sleep-deprived self. It was hard at first. Trying to juggle unpacking, playing with Jack, commuting to work, cleaning, sleeping??? I got overwhelmed for a day or so. But now that we are all moved in and totally settled.. I'm starting to enjoy it all :-)

(I took these pictures with my iPhone 5 since I have no clue where my camera cord thing is)

The first two weeks we didn't have a couch. Yup. I officially had "sore-butt-itis" You can guess what the symptoms are.

We spent a lot of time at the park or the local library. Jack loves this giant doll house and thinks "the people are all gone"

It is a beautiful little library.

Our yard is a hot mess with a dose of fugly. They're stilllllllllllll working on our patio so our yard is just dirt and mud. No grass. And our bushes are dead. Dear landscaper, get your butt to our house ASAP. I would even love fake grass. Anything to stop tracking dirt and mud into the house. I can only swiffer so many times!


Jack loves making faces. He will ask several times to take more pictures and do a different face every time. Someone takes after his Momma ;-)

While Jon was away, we made sure to Skype or send videos and pictures of our day to him. Just look at him, so handsome :-) I'm a lucky lady.

One Saturday, we went to my friend Kristen's BBQ in NH. Kelly decided to plop this bad Larry on Jack's head and he said "Look! I'm a Cowboy!" The cutest.

Every sunset at this house is incredible.

One day, we had my Dad and Veronica over for lunch. It was my first time entertaining and I was beyond excited!

Mmmm, corn on ze cob.

They bought Jack a fishing pole set and after he got the hang of it, he was hooked. Pun intended ;-)

Jack loves his Papa and "Bonica"

He loves them so much, that he refused to nap until they left...until 5pm hit anyways. Yes he was up till midnight that night...

Gorgeous sunflowers from them

Most mornings we wake up around 7:30 and Jack always asks to "help clean?" He told me that he is in charge of the dusting.

Last Thursday, our couch finally came. Jack kept telling the movers to "stop! okaaaay keep coming, keep STOP!" They loved him. This is his "I'm in charge" stance. I know that because I see it ten times a day.

More Jack antics...

"Come find me! Where are you?"

Last Saturday I met up with my sister and family to go dress shopping with her for her wedding. SHE FOUND HER GOWN AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL! If only I could post pics :-) We went to Uno's afterwards and I was teaching Rheegan how to spell my name. They call me Melsa.

"Look Mommy! I'm a turtle! woof woof!"

I started decorating Jack's bathroom. Jack told me where to put everything. Such a helper.

Ahhh, more sunsets.

We usually spend time in his room building towers and tunnels for his trucks to drive under. They last all of ten minutes before Jackzilla knocks them down.

It has been a lot of fun spending time in the house with Jack. But we are both very happy that Jon/Daddy has come home.

Oh, how I just love him.

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