Father's Day

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yesterday, as you know, was Father's day! We had a great day filled with family, bacon, relaxing and bacon.

A few days before Father's Day, I invited my Dad and V to come over for some Brunch! Who doesn't love brunch? Fools that's who!

That morning, Jon went for a 13-mile run at the gym (training for Marathon this Fall) so I was at the house trying to get ready for our guests to arrive. So, in true Melissa fashion, I was behind on everything and stressing out for no reason. It is how I am. Why change the habit of a lifetime? One day I will be a great hostess!

I was trying to cut up fruit, clean, clean, clean, tend to a FUSSY-I-DECIDED-NOT-TO-SLEEP Jack, and clean.  

See? There was a lot of "no I don't want to play the matching game anymore even though I just asked to a minute ago." or "How dare you give me that chocolate milk I asked for!"

It was great. So, as you can see below, the food was not out hahaha.

While Mr. Grumpy Gills watched some Mickey, I quickly set the table and got dressed/put a face on. I hate straightening my hair but I had no time to shower so I had to. I just feel like it looks boring and dull when you straighten it.

Voila! Guests arrived (including Uncle Buddy aka Rick) and Jon helped me make breakfast (I manned the French toast and he did the bacon and scrambled eggs). It was so, so good.

Jack "reading" about Steve Jobs. He casually goes into the Sunroom and grabs the book and will go "mmm...hmmm..mmmm...hmmm!" as if he is reading. Oh this kid.

It was delicious and a great brunch together!

After they left, Jack passed out from like 1-4pm right on the living room couch. I snuck in a nap on it too. That couch is crazy comfy.

When Jack woke up, he and Jon started to build my desk upstairs in the loft.

I won't show you anymore! Tis a surprise!

Afterwards, we cleaned the house up a bit before Jon left for NH to go to a show that his friends Pop Evil played. He sent me a text saying "Thank you, got a stress free father's day."

Just the words I wanted to hear :-)

So, what did you do on Father's Day? Brunch? Bacon? I wish every meal could include bacon. But then I'd be a heffer. A bacon-lovin'-heffer.

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