Jack's Birth Story

Saturday, June 29, 2013

As I said the other day, this is a "blast-to-the-past" kinda week. If this ain't your thing then feel free to skip. But I want to document everything I remember about the day Jack came into this world. It was the best day ever...like EVER. So, here we go!

On December 10, 2010, I went to my 37-week check up with my Mom since Jon was playing a show in Boston. I wanted her to meet my Doctor and I wasn't comfortable driving since I was very tired, so she agreed to come.

The appointment was great... heartbeat was perfect, my position was good, etc. She measured my belly and did an Ultra-sound (they liked to every other week at that point since we found out so late) and said we were good to leave and Jack looked great!

So as we were half way back to my Mom's, my Doctor called and said that Jack's measurement (as she looked closely) resembled a 30-week old fetus and not a 37-week fetus. She said he was not growing inside me and that I needed to go to the hospital to get another Ultra-sound and take a "stress" test on Jack.

I was instantly nervous. What the heck? I thought he looked great!? I have been eating well, taking my vitamins and doing everything I could to be healthy. So why is this happening?

I remember getting to the hospital and having to wait since a lot of women were in labor. The yelling and moaning scared me...so we decided to wait in the lobby. After what seemed like forever and a day, we were called into our room and a Nurse asked me 10,345 questions about my Medical History then started the stress test. I remember the pink and blue belts around my giant belly being so uncomfortable and they pricked my skin a little bit. But whatever I had to do for Jack, I would do!

Everything was normal with the test, so they wheeled me down to get an ultra-sound. I remember waiting for a looong time with my Mom in this scary, cold hallway. We were not happy. After the nurse finally came, she would measure Jack on the ultra sound machine over and over agin to be sure. She agreed with my OBGYN that Jack indeed was measuring too small and that the blood flow from the cord was not that great.

They wheeled me back up and the head Doctor on shift that night came in and said I would need to be induced since Jack would grow better outside of my womb. That my womb was not "healthy for him"

I agreed to start the induction. I was so happy my Mom was there because I just lost it. I blame the hormones. It all hit me like a ton of bacon. I was about to be a Mother...to a human...not a cat....a human. Like...Holy cow. The crib wasn't built, the floors weren't done...we thought we had 3 more weeks. I didn't even have a change of clothes!

But, that didn't matter. What mattered was that we got Jack out safe and sound.

I called Jon to tell him we were about to be parents. The sound that came out of his mouth was HILARIOUS. I will never forget it. He was a little tipsy since he was in Boston headlining a show. So he sobered up and drove to the hospital when the show was over. I guess the whole crowd was cheering "Jack! Jack! Jack!" He has the best fans.

My Mom stayed with me for a few hours and I started Pitocin around 1am. She had to head home to get some rest and try and help get Jack's nursery done. I didn't sleep. I watched HGTV until Jon came with our hospital bags. It was so late. We were both so tired. I still couldn't sleep and poor Jon couldn't get comfortable on the hospital guest "bed" so we cuddled in my bed (which was so comfortable) and passed out.

It was hard to sleep. Not only because I was about to feel contractions in a few hours/be a Mom...but the nurses constantly came in to check my progress so I couldn't pass out.

I remember finally around 7am, I felt my first contraction. Holy OW. And it was the first one. It felt like the worst period cramp in the history of earth. And it was only the beginning. Because I was on Pitocin, the contractions came on fast and hard. Not a long break in between either! By about 9am, my Mother-in-law Janie came in to see us and it was so nice seeing a familiar face. She hung out with us for a bit until I really, really started to feel the contractions. By then they were only 2 minutes apart and would last for a minute and a half. I had no break. NEVER GET PITOCIN. I remember there being a lightning bolt on the tv and I would try and focus on it and breath. Hahahahahahah didn't happen. I was a hot mess.

I really wanted to try and go natural with my birth. But I could not get comfortable. Jon was trying to help but there was nothing he could do. I was screaming every 2 minutes and they were only getting stronger. I finally caved and asked for the epidural. Oh, oh my. That long a$$ needle was my best friend. It hurt like a motha, but afterwards it felt like a wave of heat and wonderful-ness. I finally took a nap. I always say now that if we have another baby, I am asking for the epidural right away! It was pointless to be in THAT much pain for that long. It didn't help me and it didn't help Jack. So bring on the meds baby!

My Doctor came in and broke my water since I really needed to progress. It felt like a warm waterfall that would never end. And...it was green. Jack was starting to get stressed out and had his first "bowel movement" in me. They needed to get this labor going and get him the heck outta there. The next half hour felt like a blur. The Doctor put her robe on and had her nurses standing by and NICU in the room as well since they needed to clear his lungs of any meconium and were nervous about his health.

I was ready. I knew I could do this. I had this confidence that I was Super Woman. I could push my son out and hold him and all would be right with the world.

After a half hour of pushing, I was tired, the epidural was wearing off and Jack was getting stressed. He needed oxygen. I had to wear an oxygen mask when all of a sudden I felt this weird urge...you know...down there....and when the Doctor told me to stop pushing...I couldn't. I told her and everyone in there, that this was it. He was coming. 10 seconds later, Jack was out. It was the strangest feeling in the world.

Jack Aidan Ricci was born on December 11, 2010 at 4:17pm. He weighed 4lbs 10oz and was 18 inches long.

The Doctor told us right away that Jack would not cry and that she needed to suck any liquid out of him that she could before it went into his lungs. I looked down, he was gray. Inside, I was worried. After they rubbed him and got him to cry, that fear went away. They all said he looked great! And that he was adorable :-)

He scored a 9 on his APGAR test and was weighed, measured and checked by NICU. We were given the ok that he didn't have to go to the NICU ward.

They wrapped him up and handed him to Jon. It was such a great feeling seeing Jon hold not only his first newborn...but also his son.

They walked over to me and Jon put Jack in my arms.

I didn't cry. I was filled with such joy that I couldn't shed a single tear.

All I could say was "Happy Birthday, Jack. I'm your Mommy. I love you."

I 100% recommend going to Dr. Danielle Albushies. She is out of Bedford Commons in Bedford NH and is the BEST. She made us so comfortable. Also Elliot Hospital was incredible and had the best nurses/food/staff. We were very, very pleased :-)
We had our close relatives there in the waiting room to share this experience. We really wanted everyone in our families to be there but they would have taken up an entire wing.
It was the happiest day of our lives. The day our little miracle was born. We love you, Jack. To the moon and back a million, trillion times.
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