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Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday was a great day. Jack was soooo moody and fussy on Thursday and Friday. I think due to all of the changes...I was kinda expecting the same thing on Sunday but boy-oh-boy was I wrong. I loved Sunday. I took pictures documenting what we did so we could share it with you.

7:00am - Jack wakes up (by yelling "MOMMY!!!!!!" as if he is on fire) so I get out of bed and I walk into his room. He always says "Mommy hold you!?" so I cuddle into him and we fall asleep until 7:45am. Victory is mine.

7:45am - I wake up to the sound of "WAKE UP TIME! DOWNSTAIRS?!" So, after changing his diaper and I change into sweatpants (I'm always cold in the morning) we head downstairs. First I watered the herb garden from my Auntie that we have and then fix our breakfast. We both go for a big bowl of Cheerios and turn on an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is the one show I can stand...love me some Mickey. And I can do a mean Mickey/Goofy impression. Just ask Jon. Ok, don't ask him...he will tell you otherwise. After I eat, I realize the counters have some food smears on them. So I break out the Lysol wipes and go to town on them.

8:45am - Jon comes downstairs and shows me the garage that he worked on the night before. I was at my friend Sarah's graduation party, so I didn't see it until the morning. It looks great! We set up a drycleaning station for Jon, a rec station for his golf stuff, shoe rack and a nice rug to keep everything safe. The rug is from Walmart and I love it. The only thing that I need in the garage is our car when it is snowing...because I am L-A-Z-Y and don't want to clean the car off when Jon is gone.

We hang in the garage for a few minutes since Jack wants to ride his bike (with training wheels...it is still too big but he loves it)

9:00am - We make our plans for the day. Jon wants to get a work out in and I need to head to the bank that is kind of far away. It is a 45 minute drive since I haven't switched my bank accounts to a closer bank yet. We agree that I will bring Jon to the gym then run some errands after I go to the bank since he stays for a few hours. Pfft. Who works out for a few hours? Obviously me not this girl (points thumbs at self). We have planned on being a one-car family to keep saving money/Jon is gone like 8 months out of the year. So it doesn't make sense to get another yet. 

10:00am - I am all showered and we all head to the gym. After we drop off Jon we begin our errands. The drive is long but Jack ends up falling asleep halfway through the drive. I jam out to The Saturdays (as usual) and I notice a beautiful hill with horses and pretty flowers. I slow down and take some pictures since I am crazy.

11:00am - We finally make it into town and head to the bank. Jack goes up to the ATM next to mine, pretends to type and says "I'm Daddy! I'm working very hard!" The cutest. We walk around the town a little bit since it has some shops and is very kid friendly. I notice Jack is getting a little fussy and asked "for hungry please". I know what he means, so we head back to the car and I give him his lunch that I packed. He has his half of a pb&j and a squeezable yogurt. Now he is as happy as a clam at a clam bake. Which probably means the clam wouldn't be happy...since he is being steamed, shucked then swallowed...so more like "as happy as a clam that does not realize their impending doom is upon them"....end rant. Lets just say that the boy was happy.

11:45am - We head to our first place of bidness...Walmart aka Wally World if you're a hick. I really want to get Jack a kiddie pool for our house for hot summer days. Walmart is very overwhelming with the whole population of MA in there, so we zoom through the aisles and try and hurry. I stocked up on some household supplies, found a pool and got a few cute tank tops and some shoes for Jack. I love how cheap that place is. I found a big bouncy ball for Jack and, like a fool, gave it to him. He keeps throwing it and I have to chase it down the aisles a few times. I don't get angry because his laugh makes me so happy. I did hide it in the cart though. 

12:30pm - Finally done at Walmart so I head to Wendy's to grab a drink since I am thirsty. I have heard of their Strawberry-Lemonade drink, so I order that since it is pipin' hot outside and I want something summery. It is as yummy as it looks. We sit in the parking lot and I text Jon to see if he is ready. He says he is close to done so we head back since it will take 40 minutes to get there.

1:10pm - We finally get there and grab Jon. I'm proud of him since he ran 10 miles. He is training for his marathon in the Fall in Chicago and he is right on track. We drop him off at the house and head to Target since I forgot to buy a hose/40 other things. What is a brain? I sure doesn't thinks I has ones. 

1:30pm - We get to Target (my Heaven on Earth) and I always browse the Dollar bins. I find some fun water toys for Jack's pool and some new activity books for him. I also found some cute tin cans that I loved and had to have. We browse the store and grab some other stuff I forgot and finally find a hose. I always search the furniture section for any deals and I found a Navy bookcase I wanted for Jack's room on sale from $50 to $15! I heaved that incredibly light wicked heavy bookcase into my cart right then and there. Bada boom bada deal...and a bad back. 

3:00pm - After getting some gas, we head home for the night. It has been a long day for us and we are still going strong, I just didn't want to push it. Jon realizes how excited Jack is for his bookcase, so they begin to build it together. Jack was so helpful and kept hammering everything after Jon would put them in first. He wants to be just like his Daddy.

4:00pm - After they put it together and I cleaned it and set it up, we head downstairs since Jon made us some lunch. It was pasta and salmon in a lemon and olive oil dressing. I loved it. We then played a memory game with Jack (I bought the cards from the dollar bin at Target) and gave him a snack.

He has started to make everything kiss. Here he is kissing his cards....

5:00pm - Our best buddy Rick comes over with his Mom and we show her our house. We hang out with them for a while before we start our nightime routine with Jack. We eat some donuts that my Mom's boyfriend brought over (Cinnamon donuts from Lull Farm! The best)

7:00pm - Time has flown by and we pop on an episode of Mickey for Jack since he is restless and dinner is not quite ready yet. I made him his favorite Mac & Cheese. I help him eat it since I know he would just throw it everywhere since he's tired and I am not in a cleaning mood. He then asks for some hummus so I give him some Pita Bread and let him go to town. I always try and pack him with food before he goes to sleep so he won't wake up hungry.

I admire my Owl mugs that Jon bought me from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They are sooooo not his style but he knows that I love Owls so he had to get them for me. Such a sweetheart. I told him the white Owl is my favorite since it looks like Hedwig :-) Just call me Hermione. 

As I was drooling over me mugs, Jon was fixing our Island chairs since some of the soft stuff on the bottom fell off and they were starting to scratch our floors. FLOORS: 1 SANITY: -50

8:30pm- It is close to Jack's bedtime so we head upstairs for his tubby. I always tidy his room as he plays since he likes to give his toys a bath as well. Such a sweetie pie.

Jack then yells "OH NO! POOP IN THERE!" So I think he has pooped in the tubby. He hops out before I could even get him and looks sad. We tell him that "everyone poops in the tubby at some point" so he doesn't feel so embarrased. Poor guy. Turns out he didn't even poop. It must have been what he calls a "water fart" Boys.

I offer to let him shower in our..you guessed it...shower. He accepts my offer and takes a 5 second shower. We go back into his room, brush his teeth, have some water, read some of the Thomas book and it is lights out for the Muppet around 9:00pm. I don't mind him going to bed at 9:00pm because he sleeps in :-)

9:15pm - After I wash up and take my face off, I head into our room to fold the laundry that I have been neglecting for years. Not fun. By not fun I mean that it took all of a half hour and I totally should have done it days before.

Our bedroom is still pretty ghetto looking. Don't judge us.

9:50pm - I come downstairs just in time to get us some Ice Cream. Sherbet for myself and Mocha Chip for Jon. We get a glass of wine and wait for the new Mad Men episode to come on. 

11:00pm - After the episode, we always talk about it/I drool over Joan as we start to turn the lights out downstairs. We head up to brush our teeth and head to bed! I have to be up early since I work at 9am. We discuss the day in bed and then doze off into ni-night land. Jack only woke up twice which was awesome. It only takes two minutes to get him back to sleep, so it never wakes us up fully, thankfully.

This was totally just an average day for us but one where I really enjoyed every moment. Well, not when Jack knocked over Kasie's water and food dish...or when I stubbed my toe...or when Jon stabbed his finger. But hey, it wouldn't be a day with the Clutz family if we didn't have some sort of craycray.

How was your Sunday? Have a good day like us? Do you think my jokes are funny? No? What about this one....a girl walks into a bar....you would think she would have seen it.....COME ON...HILARIOUS. She was probably blonde. Or me.

Until next time, humans.

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