My Pregnancy with Jack

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This week seems to be a flashback kind of week! I dig it. I dig it like the Bob the Builder. Moving on now...

After the biggest shock of 2010, I found myself being 25 weeks pregnant and having a baby in 15 weeks. Say what!?

Everybody asked me how I didn't know. I really had no idea. I didn't "show" until a week after we "officially" found out and I had no real cravings. But, looking back a few years later...I did have signs and I did have cravings.

1 - I had terrible, terrible heartburn. God awful. It would keep me up at night.
2 - Migraines. I remember taking an order at work and I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain
3 - I couldn't use mint flavored anything. I would gag like there was no tomorrow while brushing my teeth.
4 - I craved Oreos, chocolate milk, Diet Pepsi and pasta. At all hours of the day.
5 - My vision was blurry and I had to get glasses (turns out that this happens to some women during pregnancy)

I wouldn't say I had "normal" signs though. I never had morning sickness...not once. I never questioned not getting my period because it has never, ever been regular and I still go months without it (I have mild endometriosis so it is all sorts of messed up). I never once thought I was pregnant until that call from the Doctor. I was also told, due to my mild endometriosis, that it would be incredibly hard, if not possible, to get pregnant without "help". HA!

But, who cares about all of that, if there is one thing I can tell you about being pregnant, it would be how much I loved it. If I could be pregnant every other year, I would be. I have never felt so beautiful and I had such a wonderful time and I loved feeling every kick, hiccup, roll, stretch, karate chop...all of it. Unless it was to my rib.

Here are some pictures of my pregnancy:

The official, first Ultra-sound together with Jon

Visiting/telling Jon's co-workers. This was when my bump "evened out" and wasn't on one side anymore.

Jack was "the size of an eggplant" that week.

I never took cute pregnancy shots. I blame Pinterest for not being around then.


The day of my final appointment

At my 35 week checkup. Gosh I miss this.

Baby shower pics!

And the star of the show, Mr. Jack.


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