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Monday, June 17, 2013

Holy Guacamole Batman! I have to admit... I was a little nervous to start Insanity. After Week 1, I have to say this is the hardest thing I have ever done but also incredibly fun! Who would have that that Lazy McLazybones would enjoy a very hardcore work out? Not this gal!
Now lets re-cap this bidness.
I started Insanity on Tuesday, June 11th.
My Goal: Lose 5lbs (my trouble area is the lower belly aka Mom belly) and tone my thighs and abdominals.
Our Schedule:
Wake up at 5:55am.
Insanity class until 6:45am. Stretch.
6:50am - Shake and breakfast
Depending on our work/sleep schedule (which is tough with a toddler) we have stuck to our schedule. We figured it would help really getting into a routine.
Some pics of Day 1 (which for me was the hardest since I have done barely anything work out wise in a few months)
Below I was stretching since I was DYING during the work out.

Dead. In a good way.

Jack woke up half way through so we brought him downstairs and gave him the iPad. He kept asking if I was hurt when I would yell or scream haha

Helping me up, such a good boy :-)

"Good job dancing, Mommy!"

We synced Insanity with our iTV or something so we can work out in our dining room (we move the table) and work out together!

Smiling through the pain haha

My goal is to complete Insanity and buy myself a nice, new camera :-)

After our workout we have out Shakes. I will start posting our recipes as well.

Then we stretch a bit more and shower.
Again, this was incredibly difficult since I don't work out often and haven't been eating well. I struggled and took a lot of breaks the first few days. But, when I took a break, I never stopped moving. My tips is to always keep a light jog or Butt kicks so you still get a workout. Also, only take sips of water on Water breaks and do NOT eat a heavy meal a few hours before. For me, it is best to do it right when we wake up so you don't want to get nauseous.


After the third day, I really started to enjoy Insanity and even look forward to it now. You get results very fast since you burn 1,000 calories in 45 minutes. You will struggle and take a lot of breaks. But, Shaun encourages you to "know your body" and know when to rest. You will see the cast members in the video taking several breaks and sweating along side with you. I think the reason I enjoy it so much is because I don't feel intimidated. They struggle just like we did. It really helps when you feel like your a$$ is getting kicked. Also, Shaun is really hot. So some eye candy helps too :-)
Like I said, I will start doing more detailed posts on weekly work outs and include recipes and stuff like that. I would say the hardest one so far was the Pure Cardio. It was Pure Hell and my shirt was soaked through with sweat. Nasty.
SO, who else with be insanse with me? You know you want to!!

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