oh laundry room, oh laundry room

Friday, June 7, 2013

...what on Earth shall I do with you? (to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree, of course)

One thing that sold us on this house was having our laundry room upstairs. I love doing laundry. Not a lot of people can say that. But I always hated lugging it all upstairs and then putting it away. It was a hassle. A hassle that I'm sure only American's complain about.

So, I was so excited that it was smack dab in the middle of the two bedrooms upstairs!

But the part that stinks about it is that it is quite a narrow room. There is not a lot of wiggle room in there so it is a little hard to think of how to design it.

So, let me introduce you to the laundry room. We will call her Emma. My favorite name.

As you can see below, it is narrow. I have to close the dryer door before I can walk out with a handful of laundry. It is tight, tight, tight. Above the washer and dryer is a standard shelf that the builder put in. I hate it. It will be changed for either floating shelves or cabinets. We also have to keep our cat Kasie's stuff in there (cat food and litter box) since we don't want it out in front of company.

On the back of the door I would like to put the ironing board and a little holder for the iron to really use the small space to the max.

When you walk in, immediately to the right is a blank wall. Here I would like to put either nice pictures OR something I saw on Pinterest were these sheets that help you decipher whatever all of those darn symbols mean on the tags of our clothes. I don't know what a blank triangle with a line through it means. So this will help so I don't ruin all of our clothes :-)

We chose to have our washer and dryer on pedastals so we have more storage for detergent and Kasie's litter/food. I like everything to be put away unless it is decorative (yes I am one of those people) so this was the sweet to my sweet tea :-)

Under the dryer...

Under the washer...

So there is Emma, our tight yet functional laundry room. I love Emma. She is wonderful and very pretty. But, she needs some sprucing. Like an overgrown bush that needs trimming (aka our entire yard)

Here are some ideas I found online of what I would like Emma to look like.

Here I LOVE the storage above the washer/dryer and how they styled the towels.


Here I LOVE how they styled the whole thing. The whole friggin' thing. I love the open shelving to keep the room (which is small) nice and open.

This is what I was talking about with the ironing board on the back of the door.


So there you have it. Our current laundry room and some ideas of what I hope to do relatively soon. I may even spruce up the paint color and add a fun lamp rather than the standard one from the builder. 

Random note - I just saw the preview for "This is the End" or whatever with Seth Rogan and it looks HILARIOUS. Will definitely be seeing that one! 
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