Southwick's Zoo

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A few weeks ago, we went to a local Zoo in Massachusetts called Southwick's. It was a grand ol' time! I always like to do things as a family before Jon leaves for tour so we can get some quality time with each other. This time, I invited my good friends The McGrory's to join in our adventure!

Once we met up with the McG clan inside the Zoo, we just started walking. We really had no plans. Just walk around and stare at the animals and take a million pictures. Natually, my camera died. Fail. BUT, thankfully Anne is an incredible photographer and took a bunch of pictures so I can share with you. The picture overload is a mix of my camera, Anne's camera (the really good pics) and my iPhone 5.

SO....first stop was the Kangaroo family! There was one Kangaroo who had either been exiled from the rest or simply hated the others. Naturally I was the one who said he was dead around children...oops... Either way, they were sooo cute and even bigger than what you picture in real life. Jack thought they were big bunny rabbits. 

After some other furry, beaver-dog lookin' things, we kept walking and found the birds! I kept asking people how he just stays there and doesn't fly away. They told me his wings were clipped so he can hop around but can't fly.

"A biiiiiig green birdy"

Sorry...I had to. Whatever, she still rocked that thing. Hottie.

Jack decided to take charge of stroller duty as we headed on over to the Llama's and the petting area.


So while I was chatting away with Sarah and Anne, the boys went off to the llama area. Of course, in true Bernie fashion, he had Jack sticking his fingers to try and pet them RIGHT IN FRONT OF THIS SIGN. We were all dying laughing.

I know how you feel, honey. I know how you feel.

Nice face, bro.

Onward to the petting zoo! Jack LOVED this area. It was a bunch of pregnant goats, baby goats and crazy looking llama's that we were able to pet and feed. 

Now...let me introduce you to Jon's mistress. If only she was three feet taller there would have been a girl fight..errr..a goat fight....a gloat fight. Whatever it may be. I was kinda jealous.

...more of the mistress...lets call her Fiona.

We all wanted to put these baby goats in our bags and call it a day. Just book it right outta there with our new pets. They were so, so SO cute!!

Jack did such a great job! For a kid who can be an aggressive man-child, he was so kind and so nurturing. I loved seeing him like that.

"Hi goat! I'm Jack Ricci!"

Stop it Fiona! Back off!

After we dragged Jon away from Fiona, we went to see a few more exhibits before we stopped for some grub. That word always sounds gross. 


This guy right here...I named him Lebron, was sitting on a basketball and straight chillin'

We stopped for a quick snack when we turned our heads to the right and saw...CAMELS!

"Oh, hey. Sup?"

Then we looked beyond the fence and saw a friggin' white peacock! My uneducated mind didn't even know these things existed! It was so beautiful.

Come at me bro.

Next we wanted to head to the gift shop before we bought lunch. We saw this gorgeous kitty cat just resting on the rocks.  The size of the Leopard was insane. The pictures don't do it justice at all.

At the gift shop, Bernie bought Jack a stuffed camel and he named it "Boy-knee" aka Bernie. How sweet :-)

The ladies went to get everyone lunch while the boys stayed behind in a playground area so Jack could burn out some energy. The food was sooooooo good. I had a bomb cheeseburger. I had to.

Bernie kept pretending his finger was a worm and it would make Jack laugh so hard. So hard that he had drool down his chin :-) 

Anne snapped these pictures of us playing hide and go seek behind the tree. I love them :-)

As we were heading out (we were about to hit Toddler melt down mode for Bernie and Jack - muahaha) we saw a Leimur (sp? too lazy to google it) and some Chimps (a huge fear of mine) 

He is alive....just wasted off of life.

You stay up there! Gosh they terrify me.

Now...onto the star of the show...the one I like to call babely-babenstein.

The Peacock.

Anne took these photos. They are stunning photographs. 

After we said our goodbyes, we head for a "quick" trip to the Wrentham Outlets thinking that Jack would stay asleep. HAHAHAHA didn't happen. But, we were determined to buy all of the stuff we needed for our kitchen at a cheaper price than at the Natick Mall. So we just sucked it up and didn't leave until we were done. 

Ahhhh, the best.

I love all of the colors in Le Creuset.

It was such a fun day and I hope to do it again soon :-)

So did you survive my picture overload? It had to be done!

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