The Biggest Surprise of all

Monday, June 24, 2013

I get a lot of questions and emails about how we found out about Jack. He was the biggest surprise in the history of the world, but also, the best. I am documenting this mostly for myself, so my sleep-deprived brain doesn't forget...but also for my readers, family and friends. Keep reading if you would like to know more :-)

Back in August of 2010, I was working full-time as a waitress and just started a new full-time job in an office. I was a busy bee. I wanted to save to go back to school. I moved in with Jon in the winter of 2009 and our relationship was great. We had fun together and loved every aspect of our lives.

In late July I went up North to a lakehouse with my sister and her friends. We went four-wheeling one day and I thought I would LOVE IT. So, so not the all. After the two or so hours of four-wheeling, I felt like I was going to pass out from exhaustion. Everyone was confused why I was so tired. I just rode on the back, I wasn't doing back flips and loopdy-loos around a ring of fire or anything else crazy. Just holding on for dear life. I drove home that night since I had no desire to be around people. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Fast foward a week or so and I start getting cramps one day at work. It was a Saturday. I was training and I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and cry a bit. The cramps were mild but I felt a lump on my right side. It was a short day so I just sucked it up. Jon pick me up and in the car and I couldn't have the seat belt around my belly because of the pain. Did I eat something bad? Am I just exhausted? What the heck is going on?

I was going to go to NYC with Jon and the band to go to one of their shows. It was going to be a big one and a lot of our friends were going. We were going to have a blast. I remember being so excited for it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the strength to go. I was exhausted and in pain. So they all left while I made a Doctors appointment.

I took a pee test, a blood test and had a physical exam. Some of my levels seemed higher than normal, so my idiot Doctor told me I could have a cancerous tumor. He said the lump on my side was most likely a tumor on my ovaries so he made me schedule an ultra-sound.

The next day I am in hysterics when I get a phone call saying "it is either cancer or you could be pregnant."


So, I ball my eyes out and call my sister. She came to pick me up and we went to my Mom's for the night. My Mom looked at my belly and said "oh yes, you could be pregnant. You look like you're four months along!" BUT my "lump" was still only on one side. It did not look like a baby bump.

After a night with zero sleep, my sister took me to the Doctors office. After nervously filling out paperwork, we went in for the Ultra-sound.

In my head all I thought was "it is either cancer or a baby."

The Nurse brought us into this very dark room. I was beyond nervous. Tears in my eyes. She put the warm gooey stuff on my belly. I remember giggling at it. Then, she pressed down kinda hard on my lump. I remember closing my eyes...time slowed...after what seemed like an eternity...I looked up.

Nurse: "Oh wow, your're far along!"

To be continued.....

Oh, hey Mom. I was meaning to tell you/show you signs that I existed...but I thought that could wait!

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