Trains, Diggers and Water Play

Thursday, June 13, 2013

OH MY! A few days back, I showed you a peek at the table I have been working on for Jack Aidan Ricci. I said his full name because that is how he introduces himself to others "Hi! I'm Jack Aidan Ricci!" Cutie.

I love this table. My Mother-In-Law found it and since we didn't have a play table for Jack here, I asked if we could have it. This table is similar to the one we have (it may even be exact) and runs for $108.00. So since we got it for 0 bones, I was even more excited. Just call me Cheapy McCheaperson.

It needed a little sprucing. So after a fresh coat of white paint (I used outdoor paint since it will stay in the garage most likely) it looks brand spankin' new.

(Don't mind the messy garage..)

I used some Frog Tape to avoid getting white paint all over the green top. I love that stuff.

Ahhh, I love anything that is crisp and white. Like Justin Timberlake's hair in N*SYNC.

I have been pondering over a few ideas on what I have wanted to do with the table. You see, Jack loves all things trains, cars, diggers, etc. So I could go a few ways with it.

1) I could turn it into a train table (either by gluing the tracks down like Katie's version) or just leaving the parts there for Jack to build like this version from BigJigs.

2) I could get water rocks and turn it into a "diggers" table where Jack could use his Construction trucks to play and move things (whatever boys do with that stuff). I would get some river rocks from Lowe's and just pour em' in rather than dirt from outside (which if you have seen our yard, we have plenty) because I want to avoid bugs. Similar to this picture that I found on Pinterest:

3) I could combine the two. How you ask?  I was thinking of just getting two long storage bins, like these from Target, and filling one with river rocks and one with his train tracks. AND maybe even leave one empty to put sand or water in it. This way, we have FOUR fun activities for one table. I could just store the boxes underneath the table when we are all done as well.

I don't know about you, but I think #3 is the winner. I have a project on my hands....

So what do you do for your kids? Any other fun activity tables out there? Do you think I'm going overboard? Come on, someone else has to be ALL ABOARD with me! Get it? Like All Aboard!!


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