We are Insane

Monday, June 10, 2013


Yeah, that's right. We are starting Insanity. We start tomorrow and I am actually very excited!

We are doing it at home since it is very, very hard for me to get to the gym. I don't have a sitter that lives close by anymore so I need to work out at home. We have the DVD's and are waking up nice and early to start :-)

I want to blog through the whole experience of Insanity. The good and the bad. Every month I will discuss the meal plan, the work outs and the experience over all for that month (including before and afters). My goal is to get fit and healthy. I do not want a six pack or crazy looking arms. I think that makes a woman look manish and it is not what I want at all. I just want to look and feel my best. I want to wear a bikini (something I have never been comfortable doing) Once I get to the result I want, I will just maintain it and not push forward into Hulk status.

Do you have any tips? Ever try Insanity before? Want to join? Advice wanted! :-)

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