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Monday, June 10, 2013

This weekend was a relaxing yet busy one for the Ricci family. We tackled a few projects around the casa, had fun with friends and family and ate some delicious food.
Speaking of food, I call Jon "top Jon" (like top chef) because he always makes the BEST food. Now we have a pretty traditional household, but Jon handles the majority of the cooking. I used to be a great cook until we started dating because he just took over that role for the most part. Trust me, I don't mind :-) But I have become SO bad that I barely know how to use the oven and I can never cook chicken all the way through without burning the outside. Fail.
With all of that said, Jon made one scrum-didli-umptious meal the other day. It was Salmon with lemon, mixed veggies (cucumbers, peppers, onions) and roasted potatoes.
"Taters? What's taters, precious?"
"You know! PO-TA-TOES! Boil em', mash em', stick em' in a stew!"
I had to. I say that quote anytime someone says the word potato.

I also tackled something I have been longing to do ever since we moved in. It involved this wall in Jack's room and a paintbrush. I will fill you in in a few days :-)

In our living room we have these awesome built ins. We haven't started decorating them yet since we still need to pick out what pictures we want on them as well as find decor for them. We have pretty much nothing. After staring at them for what seemed like an eternity, we decided to take out a shelf and give them even more space between the shelves. This way, we will have more room and height for things we choose and won't feel too restricted. We love how it turned out!

We also felt that it didn't look too crowded and opened the space up even more. Victory.

Ok, I'm too excited not to share what I did with Jack's room. I took the Muppet to Lowe's and headed on down to the spraypaint section, grabbed two quarts of Chalkboard paint and went to T-O-W-N while Jack stayed over my Mother-in-law's house.
I popped in The Hobbit, taped the wall with frog tape and got my paint on. The original plan was to do both a magnetic and chalkboard wall. BUT the guy at Lowe's adviced against doing that since it would take several coats of magnet paint (since it would be covered with the thick chalkboard paint so it would have a hard time sticking a magnet to it) and I budgeted $40 on the project. Not only would it be expensive (since I would need several cans of it to do several coats), but there would be a lot of fumes and toxins since it was on such a large wall. So I took his advice and stuck with the chalkboard paint. I LOVE IT!!! It is also a great contrast with his gray walls.

I will do more of a detailed post in a few days and show his bedroom to you all. It is the coolest room in the house :-)

On Saturday after I got out of work, I had my sisters and bffl Sarah over for some girl talk and pizza. Sarah made these "jalepeno poppers" and they were incredible.

You take a cresent roll and scoop a blob of cream cheese and some cut up jalepeno peppers in it then roll it up and bake it at 375 until they are golden brown on top. They hit the spot!

Jack passed OUT that night since he had a lot of fun seeing the girls. He wouldn't stop talking about them all night.

The next morning, we played with Jack's memory cards before I got him ready to go out with Noni. He went to a fair with her but it was too hot and very crowded, so they went back to her house for a while.

She brought this table to me so I can create either a train table or a "gravel" table that he can use his digging trucks on. It was a little dull and dirty, so I used some white outdoor paint (since it will be used outside) and spruced it up a bit.

Ahhh, much better.
In exciting nerd news, THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG trailer comes out tomorrow at 1pm. You better believe I will be glued to the computer from 12:58pm to 1:15pm. I say 1:15pm since I will replay that baby at least 13 times. Seriously, so excited. I was thinking of having a LOTR/Hobbit themed party before the premiere this December...my cousins and Sarah may be the only ones in attendance...but nerds that stick together stay together amiright?

After Jon got home from golf with our good buddy Mark, we went on over to Wegman's in Northboro and I fell in love. Wegman's is like Whole Foods on crack. There is food everywhere, for miles. It was almost overwhelming at times because there were so many people there and I had never been, so it was hard to find what we needed at first.

Janie brought Jack to us since she had to work that night, so I brought Jack outside and we looked at all of the beautiful flowers and succulents that were outside. He called them "piddy piddy fowers"

LOVE succulents.

The building itself was gorgeous. It alsmost felt like I was shopping in a castle.


After Wegman's, we went home and I hung out with some of the ladies of the neighborhood while Jack played on top of a dirt pile with his friend Drew. They loved it and I got to meet and chat with my good friend Karen and some other very nice neighbors.
Jack was a dirty mess so I gave him a tubby. After his tubby he wanted to "scare Uncle Buddy and Daddy" with his alligator towel. It is a hooded towl that makes him look like an alligator. So we snuck downstairs and "scared" them. He is too funny.
Jack went to bed around 9:30pm and we went to bed shortly after. We will have to catch up on Mad Men tonight. Hopefully nobody on facebook spoils it!
Did you have a good weekend? Also a Tolkien fanatic? Feel free to share :-)

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