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Monday, July 8, 2013

Like I said yesterday, this is another ode to Flashback week. Just call me Marty McFly...oh wait, isn't that the future? You get what I mean. Now, yesterday and today is alllll about our Christmas season in 2012. As I said yesterday, we were very, very busy that month. December was more like Busy-tember.
In Wayland, a few weeks before Christmas, the fire chief (I believe) dressed up as Santa and rode around the neighborhoods on the firetruck. IT.WAS.AWESOME! I guess this is a big Wayland tradition and it has happened every year. I left work early that night and dashed home as fast as I could! Jon had a Christmas party to attend in the neighborhood that we live in now (I wasn't feeling up for it...women understand why...TMI) but I had enough strength for this!
So we bundled up and the three of us walked about a block or so and waited for Santa. It was nice because we saw some of Jon's old teachers and coaches from High School who still go see Santa every year. Such a great, small-town vibe.
That night happened to be freezing outside and the wait was a little longer than expected, so we were hoping and hoping that Santa would come soon.  

Bahahha typical terrible family pic.

Finally, Jack's hero Santa came, riding his sleigh on top of a fire engine. Jack was LOVING IT.

The only pic we got...Jack told Santa that he wanted a "dumpo truck" aka a dump truck. Darn you Santa, he already has 40!!!

We ended the night with our cold walk home. It was worth every minute and every bit of frost bite. I love building memories like this...even if we are frustrated with a slow Santa, Jack loved it. And that is all that matters :-)

Now, let's move on to my favorite night of the year...Christmas Eve!

The thing that is tough about the Holiday is that we have three families to see...on two days....with a toddler. And everyone wants to meet on Christmas Eve! This year, we met with my Dad and Veronica (whom we call V) since it was their turn for Christmas Eve night.

We loved every minute of this visit. The boys played, we all great scrumptious food and we chilled. We watched Christmas movies (the Santa Clause 3--not as good as the first!) and opened presents. It was perfect :-)

"Look Mommy, I have disssss"

Funny story...whenever Jack is quiet, you know something is wrong...terribly wrong. At some point in the night, I remember going "wait SHHH!!! Jack? JACK?" Naturally, my psycho-mom brain thought he somehow escaped or was caught in the chimney trying to get to Santa...No. I was wrong...dead wrong....this sweet-tooth-craving toddler SNUCK A CUPCAKE OFF THE TABLE and was eating it...ever so quietly so nobody would the table. At least he got a fork and plate ;-)

Look at my Dad! So festive ;-) Little known fact: My dad is way over 6ft...we hope Jack gets his genes..

My brother Ryan and sister-in-law Sammy came with Nathan so they boys were playing and putting hats on everyone

Then...present time!!

"These are both mine, right?"

....don't even question our awesome-ness.

This is the best picture ever.

Before we left, Jack wanted to fly around like an airplane. Before he was ringing around bells and singing "jinga bells jinga bells!" over and over......and over again.

It was a great Christmas eve :-)
Now, totally going in reverse here...but the Sunday before Christmas Eve, we went to my Mom's house to spend time with that side of the familia.
Nathan being all dapper.


One thing you should know about my Mom and Auntie Lorrie...they are decorating Ninjas. Every Holiday is decked out -- usually very rustic/country style. This year, my Mom went with a Poinsettia theme.

Aunties famous cookies. Be still my still :-)

To tame the toddlers, Ryan and Sammy were stacking the blocks as high as they could, it at one point reached the ceiling. Generally, Jack would knock it over thinking it was hilarious.

Ahhh, the real star of the show

That is my Uncle John. Uncle J is the coolest cat in the alley. He can build anything out of wood you can dream of and is the smartest/funniest man I know. Just love that man!


Mom and Marsickles (Mary)...we do nicknames in NH.

Marsickles and Justickles Swiftinyte

Present time!!

On Christmas Day, we woke up whenever Jack got up and brought him to see his presents. I chose this beautiful Thomas the Train wrapping paper from Toys R Us, and accented the paper with bows that matched. I loved it. The colors were so pretty. Of course, Jack didn't give a flying Percy and just ripped them open after we read Santa's letter to him. He loved opening his "prizes" and we I mean...Santa...gave him some books, trucks, cars, play dough and a new chalkboard. We gave him about 6 gifts total since he also had a lot from friends and family.

Christmas Day was held at my Mother-In-Law's aka the Master Chef Janie. The meal we had was the best meal I have ever, ever, ever had. Not exaggerating, she is the best cook. It was incredible. Unfortunately, I was pretty sick with my stupid womanly issues, so I was hurting and didn't take a lot of pics (need to find them!) But I will always be so thankful that we were surrounded with the Ricci's, the King's and my hilarious and wonderful Brother-in-Law Markus. Markus is away at Medical School for the majority of the year, so we were very thankful to have him there with us, cracking jokes and saying things only Markus would say. That kid is a riot. After dinner, Jack woke up and we all had dessert and met Mike's wonderful girlfriend Christian and her beautiful baby Mila. I love that name! Jack loved her and was so gentle. I sure was proud of him!

Personally, I believe in the Spirit of Christmas more than the gift-giving. Of course, gifts are nice. BUT I think the season is more about spending time with family and making memories that matter. That you can look back on and say "Wow, I am so happy we did that", or "remember when?" or better yet, Jack will tell his future wife and children about what we did as a family and pass those traditions on. He will never remember what gifts he got...but he will always remember the memories we made together.

And so ends my very own "July-mas". I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Winter is only what...5 months away? Sorry, had to rub it in ;-)

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