Fun on the 4th

Friday, July 12, 2013

Funny I am sitting here at my desk and typing this post, Jack is in his closet watching Youtube videos on my phone since we have our couch cleaner here AND touch up painters/someone sanding down our ceiling. All at once. Our house sounds like a wind tunnel of vacuums. Jack doesn't like the noise so that is why he barricaded himself in there. Now, onto the 4th!

One of my favorite times of the year is the 4th of July. All I can picture is BBQ, fireworks, family & friends, and flags. Flags everywhere. Muurican flags. I am a very, very proud American, so this holiday is something I cherish. Something that I make sure we enjoy every year. Most importantly, I make sure we remember the people that sacrifice their lives for our freedom. And never forget the families that go so long without seeing loved ones who are overseas. They are the reason we are free. They are the reason we celebrate. For them, I am incredibly grateful.

So we started to get ready for the day around Noon. We spent most of the morning being lazy and soaking up the Holiday off from work. Jack loves to watch Jon get ready as you can see.

As Jon started to shower, I got the two of us ready and tried to get a cute photo to post on Instagram and Facebook. This was as close as I got.

This year, we went to Aunt Donna's house which is just a short drive away and we had a blast! The day was hot. Like...muggy, heavy hot. We all felt like we were in a broiler. So we spent most of the time indoors and we were all chatting away. Whenever we see them, we can expect top notch, scrum-didly-umptious food. Every darn tootin' time there is deeeelicous food. I can't express it enough. Ok, maybe I can. You are probably drooling over there thinking of cheeeeeseburgers and hotdooooogs and potatooooo salad. Ugh, my mouth is watering as we speak...err....type.

I had seconds...and dessert. Oops. #itsokitsaholiday #whatsinsanity

Food coma face...I think.

Here is the thing about Jack. He loves sugar. Loooooves. I think he gets it from Jon because I do not like frosting at all. Jack would eat cake and cupcakes for every meal if he could.

"I love chocolate!"

After a while indoors, someone set the sprinkler up in the back yard for Jack to cool of and run through. I had to snap some family pictures before he got all soaked though. AND TO MY LIKING! We have 2 great shots. Victory is mine! I mean...ours.

After we said our good byes, Janie took Jack home with her to sleep at her house and we went off to see our good buddies Lauren and Chris who recently bought a fixer upper in the area. I LOVE their house. Once they fix it to their liking that house is going to be incredible. The fun part about the house...the hot tub IN the house. Bow chica bow owwww.

While we were there we helped them fill the hot tub using their garden hose through the window.

I love the lights she hung up from Target. So cute!

Chris manning the hose...that sounds bad.

It was awesome getting to see them and to also take a tour of their new home. They are such a lovely couple and we are so excited for them! Lauren even started her own blog about the process which you can see here. After a few cold beers, we went home and passed out. Like hard. Whenever Jack stays at Janie's we take that time to catch up on sleeping. We so cool, yo.

The next morning, Jon surprised us with a delicious breakfast including BACON.


I call this "a man and his range"

 "I want DADDY'S TOAST!" Ohhh toddlers.

After breakfast we went to the local town beach and hung out for an hour or so. The weather and water was perfect. It was the perfect end to a great Holiday weekend....well a Holiday Thursday and Friday.

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