Insanity: Month 1 Recap

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alright humanoids, month one of Insanity is officially OVER! WOOO!! Picture me doing this:

Until I realize that month two of Insanity is 10 TIMES HARDER and I'm all:

But do not fret my minions, I am still going strong and Shaun T is still sexy.

Here are my results from one month of Insanity (mind you, this is very, very hard for me to share. I am normally not comfortable with sharing pics like this. And, like I have always said, my goal is to be toned with stronger abs and a bigger booty)


I am very pleased so far with my results. That stubborn layer of post-baby chub is gone, my obliques are WAY more toned, my belly button is even higher than before (my belly button has always been very high since I have a looooong torso), my torso seems longer and I don't have to suck in my belly anymore. Awww yeah, I dug deeper alright. Unfortunately, due to my scoliosis, my hips will always be slightly uneven until I get my surgery in a few years.  That is why one seems an inch or so higher than the other. Boo, spine fail.
Now, to re-cap my month, I broke it down in a few categories to help give you guys some tips and a little bit more detail about my strengths and weaknesses.
My strengths overall are great. I make sure I work out every day, when I NEED to take a break during a workout, it is never longer than 30 seconds. I notice more energy and that my confidence is growing each day.
My weaknesses. Ugh. I know everyone has them But mine are a pain in my small booty. I am TERRIBLE at jumping workouts. I have uneven hips so one foot hits the ground before the other (which has caused the knee and the ankle pain - not to mention, I workout on our hardwood floors) I am also concentrating so much on some workouts/stretches that I forget to tighten my core or I struggle with it. I hope this will improve as I get stronger.
My goals are pretty much the same as when I started. I want a nice, toned stomach/body over all. And to be stronger with my upper body. Just call my lanky arms Gumby.

I am proud of where I am right now. I can't wait to show you my results from month two! I just did my second day....I cried. Both days. At least Shaun is still sexy.


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