Merry July-mas!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yes, you read that right! So, with all of my recent Camera blues, I forgot that I still had my pictures from Christmas ON my broken camera...(insert heart attack here) thankfully I was able to save them. Looking through all of them brought back a lot of memories that I don't want to forget (say next month), so I am sharing them here on the bliggty aka blog if you don't speak M-Dawg...which is me...let us move onward.

The Holidays this year were busy with a side of "ohmygodhowarewegoingtofiteverythingintoonemonth" on top. If you can read that, go to bed. We were finishing major construction on the house, Jack's 2nd birthday was on the 11th, Jon's on the 21st, and I threw Jon's 30th birthday somewhere in between. It was a lot. I was a stressed out ninny-muffin and was looking forward to good food and some holiday traditions.

You could say I am big on traditions. I have definitely started a few with the boys and hope to continue them for years to come. 

Tradition #1: A picture with Santa. 

This started this year (pretend it is still 2012). Now you must be thinking "you never got a picture with Jack and Santa before?" The answer is no. Here is why: 

2010 - Jack is a preemie baby and is not allowed outside of our home in case he were to catch a cold until he reached 7lbs (it would have been VERY hard for him to fight) and he was too small for a carseat so he was in a car bed for a few months (and we could only take him out if it was necessary...yeah stressful few months!) 

2011 - I tried, I really tried, but Jack was TERRIFIED of Santa and we didn't even make it five minutes in line.

2012 - VICTORY!

We drove down to Jordan's Furniture in Avon, MA to see Santa's Village (a yearly exhibit they hold). We stood in line for what seemed like an hour, we took our first picture there and finally moved out way into the exhibit. 

Crazy alien lights

Crazy alien

It was pretty boring for a toddler. He totally did not want to stare at little statues of children in we jumped the rope...SCANDALOUS! And went to wait into ANOTHER line for an hour. Lets just say...there was one MOODY toddler and even MOODIER adults. We were not having fun...but I was determined  to get that picture!

We tried to distract him with the Reindeer games but it would only last so long.


Mr. Ray serenaded our sweaty selves.

Finally....after 43 years in line....we met the big guy in Red. Jack was so excited...then instantly became so star-struck. I can imagine I would be the same if I saw any of the One Direction guys...I would sit on their lap and stare into the abyss too. Take that as you will.

Totally was our Christmas card (also a first this year)

FINALLY, I had Jack's first picture with Santa. Victory was mine!

We booked it out of there once we were done paying an arm and a leg for those two pictures. But boy was it worth all of the sweat, tears and frustration!

Tradition #2 - Sending out a Christmas Card. 

This was also a first this year. We chose the picture with the 3 of us and Santa. Bada boom, bada easy.

Tradition #3 - Getting our Christmas tree on Jack's Birthday.

Starting this year, we will be going as a family. Last year, Jack had zero interest. Hopefully he will start helping me decorate it too :-)

And all pretty-fied 

This year, I want to do some sort of ribbon or burlap ribbon around it since it was just too plain, but Jack and the cat kept knocking stuff for safety reasons I didn't get any!

Tradition # 4 - Jack bakes Santa Cookies

Not sure why I am orange...since I am a translucent vampire normally. 

Santa looooves M&M and chocolate chip cookies (I asked him) 

Tradition #5 - Leave Santa a note with his milk and cookies (and a snack for the Reindeer)

He even wrote Jack back :-)

Tradition #6 - Watch It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve.

Totally for me. But I love to watch It's A Wonderful Life while wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. Maybe this year, Jon will join me :-) (I swear it is a great movie babe!!)

I also love to watch classics throughout December including "The Grinch" (old version and newer one with Jim Carey), "The Santa Claus", "Elf", the old claymation movies like "The Year without a Santa Claus", "Rudolph", "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", etc. My Mom when I was younger knew how much I loved the claymation Rudolph that she bought me all of the stuffed animal characters from the movie and I still have them to this day. We found them in her attic this winter and I almost cried since I thought they were lost!

That is pretty much it for traditions.

What does your family do? Am I making you crave hot chocolate and snow? No? Hating that I am doing a Christmas post in July? Just wait until tomorrow ;-)

Until then... Merry July-mas!

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