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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Do you also search Pinterest for hours on end like I do? I swear, if Pinterest was a sport, I would win the gold medal in the Olympics. The Pinterympics. What? That's a word. It's in the Melissa Dictionary. Look it up. It is right next to the word "Kapiddlypop" but only Jack knows the true meaning of that one.

Recently, since Fall is right around the corner, I have been Pinning different ideas for decorating, recipes, crafts, etc., and here are a few of my favorites:

For front porch ideas, I like to keep it simple but still festive. Closer to Halloween you can add ghosts and bats and all of those things, but for the first month or so..just pumpkins and maybe potted seasonal flowers.

Inside the home can be very, very inexpensive. How? Well have you ever noticed that for Fall, all of the decor can be found outside? For example: pine cones, branches and acorns. Go for a nature walk as a family...make it fun. You enjoy a nice walk together AND get some of your decor for free! Just make sure to check for bugs.

Put a little burlap around the candles you have at your house, shove some pine cones in there and bada boom bada bing. One stylish centerpiece. 


A DIY Pine Cone garland is one cute idea!


Acorns with candles (keep them low enough so nothing catches on fire, of course)

DIY Acorn frame! 

And last but not last, we have the food. Fall is known for all sorts of yummy in my I-should-have-worked-out-belly. Here are some new recipes I would like to try.



And not only that, I just scored a big box of Holiday cookie cutters for FREE at a yard sale. Awww, yeah. Can't wait to make little pumpkin, ghost, and leaf shaped cookies with Jack.

So what do you do for Fall? What recipes are you looking forward to? Have any you want to share!? Let me know!

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