Fun at the Fair

Monday, August 19, 2013

Every year, towards the end of the summer, our town has a big fair full of rides, animals, food and all around fun. It was a must for us since we are official residents. We decided to go on the last day, closer to Jack's bed time (to beat the crowds and so he would sleep through the night -- didn't happen!). 

As we parked, I realized I forgot Jack's shoes....yup, Mom fail. Thankfully we live close so Jon was able to go get them quickly and meet up with us in the fair. Thank God for strollers!

Like I always say, I feel like we live in the Shire. Can't you picture a Hobbit hole there? 

Or the dark silhouette of a Ring Wraith? No? Well, whatever. I can!

The fair had a TON of rides and we were able to get in for free since it was later on and the staff abandoned their posts.

Jon sent me a text saying he was walking from the parking lot to the entrance, so we parked the stroller and waited for our favorite person on good ol' earth. 

Ahhh, much better!

Upon seeing the Ferris Wheel, Jack told Jon that he wanted to go on the ride but ONLY with his Daddy. It was Jack's first official big boy ride, and I'm happy he went with Jon. Mostly because I am terrified of heights and would have been begging for them to stop it and let me off!

Next on our stop was the animal farm!

Say Cheese Jack! ...not interested.

There was a giant pile of dirt with some trucks and boy stuff next to it, so Jack played on it for a while and Jon stayed with him while I went to get some fried dough ;-)

Before we left, Jon went on a few rides by himself since they were not toddler friendly, and we ate our fried dough and sat on this cute tractor before heading home for the night.

Jack still asks us if we can go back to the fair everyday and go on the "wheel ride" with Daddy. He loved it, we loved it. And we love this town!

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