Monday, August 26, 2013

Last week I was in Jo-Ann Fabrics looking for Burlap and fabric for my sister. I ended up walking out with cardboard letters (for Jack's room), a blue basket (which I needed for organizing under the sink) and a bird house. Does that happen to anyone else? I am the definition of impulse buyer. But hey, I never feel guilty! And if I ever did,  I would return it. So I guess it isn't such a bad thing...right?

Anyways, I only bought the bird house because Jack asked me if he could paint it. I thought it would be a fun little project so in the cart it went!

So we brought his art table into the garage and I let him go to town. He loves to just glob the paint on and mix the colors.

After he told me his masterpiece was "all done" he picked it up and started walking into the woods saying "Ohhh birdies, I have a prize for you!" The cutest.

We ended up bringing it back though since I can't reach any trees and we didn't put food in it yet. One step at a time.

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