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Thursday, August 1, 2013

When we moved to the town we are living now, we knew we moved to Shire-ville USA. The place is 90% farms and 10% almost farms. The place is gorgeous. I love it like Lucy loves Desi. It is what I have always wanted. Maybe now when I get home I should yell "JONNNNNNNYY I'M HOMEEEEEE!!" instead of the usual "ughhhh make me coffeeee i'm so tireddd"

Just kidding. I only say that a few days a week.

Moving on.

Every year, there is a little shop that opens up from July to December that has all fresh produce, cute little decorative trinkets, and baked goods. It is to die for. If you have ever been to Lull Farm in Hollis, NH, this is like the mini version of it. Across the street is the apple orchard and every Fall they have pumpkins and apples galore. I would say that their prime season is the fall since they already have their Halloween stuff out in August. Crazy! Now I want fall. I also want fall so Jack doesn't get any more bug bites. Poor thing is so allergic.

But lets get back to the little shop!

Right when you walk in, you look up to see this giant loft. There is actually one on either side of you and they style it for every season. Jack looked up and was asking what every single thing was. 

My favorite area is the decorative room. This is where they have all of the seasonal decor on sale and I could drop a G or two in here. Even though things are not that pricey. I still adore it all.

By the way, they had only been open for two days when we went in. They were still unpacking everything so this is only like....30% of what they have on display normally.

And see those place mats and napkins on that old fashioned stove? $2.50 a piece. I will be stocking up! Bye bye William Sonoma! (Just kidding, I will never leave you)

Jack said these squirells were his best friends. There was also a scary cat and Jack yelled "AH!! SCARY! I'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!" I, of course, laughed.

Other side of the loft

Fresh produce

They also have pasta and pasta sauces for sale. I want to do a fun spaghetti and wine night for jon using all of the ingredients from here.

Fresh, organic and local jams, honey and preserves

And some pancake mixes and syrups. Jack's favorite aisle.

Like I said, in the fall they are known for their pumpkins and they have them everywhere! All shapes, sizes and colors. WARNING: JON THIS YEAR OUR HOUSE WILL BE COVERED IN THEM. JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW.

Last year, we still lived in Wayland but I wanted to get our pumpkins here. The little ones Jack picked out.

His tiger pumpkin. He was so proud of it all day! Look at his chubby little face. So young. He was 21 months!

Little places like this are the reason that I love this town. I just wanted to share a little glimpse into the small-town-life we are living. It may take me 35 minutes to get to Target (this is a good thing for my bank account) but I wouldn't trade for anything a beach house on the Cape.

And PS -- My final week of Insanity is this week coming up so we ordered my camera. YAY NO MORE iPhone 5 PICTURES!!!!

I can't wait :-)

So are you a small town girl or a city girl? I could never be a city girl. For me it is fun to visit but not to live.
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