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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last week was crazy with a side of cray and a dash of awesome. How/why you ask? Well, we got to spend the night at my sister and future brother-in-law's home in Hicksville NH.
On Thursday afternoon, my mom, myself and jacksickles headed on the two-hour journey to their house with only one stop for gas. Thankfully, it was right when Jack naps, so he slept for most of the ride. When we got there, we were greeted with hugs, a house tour (which is so awesome!!) and of course, NH things. WHAT? You don't know what
"NH things" mean? Let me edumacate you.
Four wheeling. (He was going as fast as an old lady driving.. don't worry!)

Frog catchin'


and grass mowin'.

I'm mostly kidding. I just like to pick on them for living near the mountains. But then I see the views that are out their door and I zip my mouth shut. Lucky Mallards.
The #1 reason why we went up was to take Mary and Justin's Engagement pictures. I only charged her $1k, so it was at a discounted rate since she is my sister....kidding.
Mom was so helpful watching Jack and Rheegs while I snapped some pictures of the lovely couple. It was so much fun! I will post a few tomorrow.
We only had a few interruptions :-)

Nana Lynn aka Momma

Jack eating bubbles.....

After the shoot, we went back to their house for some yummy food that Sir Justin made. It was steak (my favorite), Pork, Potatoes and zuccini and squash. Oh, and Croissants. So essentially my favorite meal since we washed it down with a Bud Light Lime (don't hate on the BL)
Their deck is fenced in which any parent knows is an absolute BLESSING since you can sit and eat without chasing the kids every 34 seconds. I milked it!
Pretty Momma finally learned how to text ;-)

Master Chef

After dinner and running around the yard, chasing Indy, teaching our Mom how to say "fa sho" with her Minnesota accent, and all around shenanigans...it was cake time. Jack was thrilled!

"Yay cake!"

We were all exhausted from the day, so we passed out around 10pm-10:30pm. Thankfully Jack slept until...you know...6am. So it was an early start to our day, but it was filled with fishing all of his toys he threw into the pond, walking to the farm next door with Uncle Justin and relaxing before the long ride home.

It was such a lovely visit and we can't wait to see them again soon.
Thank you for a lovely visit Marsickles "Taller One" Devine and Justickles Swiftinyte aka Uncle Dustin. We love you!
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