How I'm just like the Royals

Thursday, September 26, 2013

You may not know this...but I am obsessed with the Royal Family. So obsessed in fact, that I have a tattoo of Kate Middleton's lips on my left cheek. I will let you guess which cheek I am referring too. I will also let you guess if that is true or not.

I am so similar to them too. We all love Polo (I own like 12 of them), tea and cookies (arnold palmer and chips-ahoy fa life) and we all have great style (pj's 24/7 son!)

Let me show you some more ways that we are similar...

When someone laughs at my joke and I'm all.. o0o0o0o A+ for me!!

I also slow clap when I see our waiter bring over our cocktails

The way I blink when I am trying to stay awake while listening to something important. 

This is the face I make to everyone else at the bar when I grab the bartender's attention first. Boo yeah!

 We won! We won!

The series of faces I make during an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Darn you Teresa.

She flips her hair the way I do when I actually get dressed and put a face on for the day. BAM WIND. CAN'T STOP ME NOW!

You will see me make this face after any catchphrase game I have lost.

But I will also be a good sport and clap for you. But I will NOT smile or show emotion. That would show weakness.

That face you make when a train wreck walks into a bar.

And immediately after Kate tells a joke, she looks up and says "OH MY GOD I'M SO FUNNY" then immediately looks down...just like me.

When I'm lookin' real fly (like no hummus in my hair and teeth are brushed) and I give myself a double-take in the mirror. Awww yeah, special occasions.

Not to mention, we share the same dance skills. BRING ON THE WEDDINGS! BOOM! POW! LOOT AT ME NOW!

I call this the "no-rythem-locomotion!"

The always popular "wizard trance"

And the famous "I have had one too many" dance.

I also get shy when people say I'm pretty. Then, quickly respond with "Don't stop! Tell me more."

And lastly, just like my BFFL Kate, I also look at Jon and say "we have to get out of here" when a party starts to turn lamer than an old person playing bingo.

So how are you like the royals? Are you obsessed like me? And no, I don't have a tattoo of her lips on my cheek. Pfffft, I have on of her face on my leg, silly!

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