Jack 32 Months

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh Jack, where to even begin. We are less than four months shy of your 3rd birthday. You are growing up way too fast and you even started Preschool this month!

You make us laugh every day to the point of tears and you honestly are never, ever quiet. But that's ok, that means you are learning and are curious about your surroundings which I love.

You have started to ask "why?" after every sentence or "what was that?" whenever something happens in the car (like we have to slow down) or you hear a sound like a plane or a loud car beep their horn. You also come up to us and say "Mommy, can I talk to you?" when you need something. You speak in very clear sentences which is so helpful now for you to get your many thoughts across. Whenever you see a car getting towed you still think it has a boo boo on its knee and the car is being taken to the doctors. I love it.

Your favorite food right now is hummus. You ADORE hummus. You still love cantaloupe as well and chocolate almond milk. You asked me if you could have a Thomas themed birthday this year, so boy oh boy will I give it to you! I am planning already. It will be big, because you deserve it. You deserve it and so much more.

You love to play trains, crash cars, race cars and go under tunnels when we are driving. You love to play hide and seek but only YOU can be the seeker. And you only count to 4. Cheater! You try and negotiate with us which Daddy loves. When you try and bring three toys to bed I will say you can only bring one. You will then try and bargain with me on which one to bring, or grab a new toy thinking it doesn't count.

Yesterday you told me that you want to work in an office building and also be a police officer, a fireman, and a truck driver. You can be anything you want to be my dear. Unless I don't approve of course ;-)

You love to read about Papa Bear (Bearenstein Bears books) and still love anything to do with Rudolph and Santa. You have also started to enjoy more Pixar movies which makes me one happy Mommy, since I love them too.

We adore you little man. You are our shining star.

The biggest kisses and the biggest hugs,
Daddy and Mommy
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