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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Other titles for this post could be: "a very unhealthy addiction," "window shopping for the crazy person" or "how I wish I was a millionare."

I could spend 5+ hours lost in Williams-Sonoma and be the happiest girl ever. The closest one to me is in Natick and whenever we swing by the mall, I always have to stop in. I am loving what they have in stores now. The colors, the fabrics, the appliances, the decor, the EVERYTHING. I wish I could just jump in and live inside of the store. I mean, they offer cooking classes, so food would be there!

A large portion of our pots/pans, silverware, organizers, etc is from Williams-Sonoma. It was where we registered (along side Crate and Barrel) and I wish it was appropriate to have registries for birthdays and holidays and changes of the season and every other Thursday because DANG nabbit I love their stuff. All of it. And their photography is GAAAHHHJUS. If you know what that word is/how to pronounce it then we should be BFF's.

Hi picture below, can you make yourself magically appear in our master bedroom? Please? I promise to clean. AND THOSE PILLOWS. Come jump and live on my couch. I promise it is comfy and I promise I won't let Jack drool on you. I can't promise I won't though. And those accessories? Hi beautiful things made of porcelain and other breakable stuff. You are more than welcome to live on our bookshelves. You can sleep next to me at night too. I love a good cuddle.

NOW THIS. This is the smartest thing since the Today Show got rid of Ann Curry (I couldn't stand her, but she is adorable). I always get juices from some sort of fruit, vegetable, cocktail or whatever all over my iPhone or recipe book while cooking. This bad Larry will help prevent that. And it plays music AND is quite purdy too.

We MAY or may not have a grill. But that doesn't matter. I will grill in our driveway using a cardboard fire pit and metal sticks for a griddle. That didn't make sense to you. But it did to me.

Pizza? Yes please.

Don't you want to drink whatever is in that blender? Just take out the sharp blades and add some vodka and you have one giant, awesome cocktail.

Halloween is around the corner and so is your yearly trip to the dentist when you promise him you floss every night. If you're going to get a cavity, you might as well get it by using all of these awesome jars and YUMMY looking candy. I don't see any Starburst though. Note to self: buy starburst.

And if you don't love cheese....just go home. If you are at home right now, go to Market Basket or wherever else you consider hell to be because that is where you belong. Unless you are allergic. Then...just sit at home and don't eat cheese. I will eat it for you.

And I just found out that they have a blog with all sorts of recipes, crafts, entertaining ideas and so much more. Check out their blog here. You will not be disappointed!

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. This is just me showing Williams-Sonoma some love since it is my own personal Mecca. Jon recently bought these two aprons (one in the navy and the other in the cream color) since I have always said how much I want one. AND THEY ARE ON SALE! So hop on that like the Easter Bunny hops on the road (what the heck Melissa?) Yes he bought me two. Yes, I know I am a lucky girl. But hey, he is lucky too because he is married to a model. Yeah, I don't know who she is either. We're working on it. This just got awkward.

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