Operation: Organize (Bathroom Clutter)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let me introduce you to chaos and confusion aka under my sink in our Master Bath. If this is Hot Mess City consider me the Mayor. Underneath my sink makes zero sense even to best organizer on earth. I have stuff EVERYWHERE and there are things that don't even belong in a bathroom (hello ice cube tray!? Whatchu doin' there?)

Every time I would get ready I would just quickly grab my make up bag and close the doors as fast as you can say the letter "S". It was no bueno. And not functional at all. I often would find myself digging and searching through the nonsense for soap, floss or who knows what. Need an empty grocery bag? I have four. Need an empty water flosser thing? Gotcha covered.

Oh hey face cream...been looking for you for a few months now....

Not only was under my sink a hot mess, but my drawer for my hair stuff (and apparently my jewelry, spare change and already used toothpaste..) was a mess too.

It had to end. It had to end like Amanda Byne's existence on earth.

So over the course of three days (you read that right) I organized under my sink and my drawer. I threw away two trash bags full of I-don't-even-know-what and the rest I organized.

One basket I used just for my nail stuff. My lotion, filer, nail polish and the other stuff.

The second basket I have my make up bag (which I also organized and only have what I actually use now) and things like extra soap bars and my floss picks.

Ahhhhh, look at that. So long Hot Mess, hello Beautifulville. Eventually I want to spray paint the baskets white and maybe do a blue stripe along the bottom.

In my hair drawer (gosh that sounds strange -- promise I don't collect hair! Or do I....)

I put all of my jewelry away and only have my hair dryer, straightener, and brush. In the little box I have my hair ties and and bobby pins. Much better than before!

It was such a simple task (that took three days...I'm busy people!!) but it feels so much better and my mornings go a lot faster and smoother now. Victory.

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