Operation Organize

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Holy Guacamole Batman...or shall I say...Ben Affleck. I have a LOT on my plate lately. Ok, maybe not so much, but with Jack starting school, me working full time and Jon leaving for tour soon, I really need to get organized so I'm not a hot mess like Miss Miley. At least my tongue doesn't hang out 24/7. Mine only hangs out like 11/5. Bad joke.

Enough about Miley, I have a few a ton of things/places that I need to get organized before I explode. So I am calling this OPERATION ORGANIZE. The next several posts will purely be about organzing. My tips and tricks and what works best for our very busy family. Hopefully it can help yours!

So, before I start. Any tips? Care to join in the crazy?
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