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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Have you ever walked into your kitchen, look for a specific item, and end up searching through your entire kitchen before you find it? Then welcome to my life. Up until recently, we were very unorganized and things were kind of strewn about. No bueno. So after a trip to William-Sonoma and The Container Store, we have a well organized kitchen.

So, we have a "junk" drawer in our kitchen under our coffee station that was a mess. I took everything out and purged and organized. I used a desk organizer from The Container Store to keep things organized and tidy for as long as we can. I say that because I feel like even after we organize, things get crazy a month later.

From William-Sonoma, we bought organizers for our silverware and for our cooking utensils.

I try and keep as little stuff off of our counters as possible. I get very flustered with clutter, so we try and keep everything put away in their place. All utensils are from William-Sonoma including our silverware (bought on clearance at the William-Sonoma Outlet)

Ahhh, our favorite drawer. The wine storage. This is another organizer from William-Sonoma.

Jon has a beer opener made from the floors of the Boston Garden. Major Celtics fans up in this piece.

Below the wine drawer is a drawer I use for when company is over. The brown tea pot was from my Mom and its for cream. The 3-bowl dish is from Crate and Barrel for nuts, chips, M&M's or whatever haha. The Gravy bowl should be in storage but we used it recently for Syrup. is my drawer....cookbooks, pinecones, napkins, a cheese organized.

Ahhh, much better. And YES I have Teresa Giudice's cookbook. She may be insane, but there's a ton of yummy recipes in that book.

On our main island we have things we use everyday.

I always keep tupperware organized since I hate when it is a HOT MESS and you have two square bottoms and a circle top. No good.

This drawer...not so much.

Much better :-)

That pancake pen from William-Sonoma is a LIFE SAVER and really helps keep the pancakes even and less of a mess on your counters. I recommend that bad boy.

I walked into my kitchen this morning and everything was in its place. Such a good feeling!
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